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22 July 2008



I think it better to catergorize Torchwood as Omnisexual, like it's leader Cap Jack. That episode was 'edgier' i guess, but was also super sexually charged as lipless character Owen broke into an underground, men only, club cuz he needed to feel pain.

Noel is a hottie, and on WHO, we fanbois like to believe he's been boning the hot twink from another dimension who he fights evil with


*with whom he fights evil


Good catch on the Noel Clarke interview but there is actually a significant amount of fan fiction around Mickey's sexuality. And a lot of speculation around Noel's, if you were interested.


Writing and directing the sequel? That sequel, Adulthood, has already been released, and it's a huge success.


ooh great that you mentioned him, rod...

i LOVE clarke on Who..and the particular ep he wrote for Torchwood was fantastic....

will have to get both of his films from netflix...

AND HE'S IN OZWALD BOATENG? *SWOON* Boateng's designs are classic and he ALWAYS knows how to make black men shine in his creations...


Memo to Rod. The gay Brit fan boiz and their clones will attack any fanboy-related post and look for any minor error. It's all part of their 'exclusive' culture. Don't take it personally.

I'm a black gay Brit expatriate living in the States and appreciate the international news here, and, the attempt to go beyond Oprah, Beyonce and Obama.

A. Ronald

I love Ozwald Boateng and creations are absolutely splendid. Love him to pieces, and, love Noel Clarke. He's such a versatile, polished lad. I wasn't a particular fan of Kidulthood although the soundtrack and music was very nice.

Henry TW

Let's get to the REAL story.

Clarke is not very straight.


I have felt a huge SWOON over this beautiful man since METROSEXUALITY.

Thanks for the update....


That suit is bad as hell ... get it boy!

Carl CS

Noel is adorable and very talented. I actually enjoy his work on WHO although some people have criticized his acting. I'm pleasantly surprised to see him on this blog. Well, not surprised, more pleased.!

And 'Ryan' and 'Me' are spot on. The suit is killer.


YES CA, i am very interested in the fanficition and speculations!!


Rusty, do you really see Mickey with this twink? I really don't, there are several other more plausible characters whom Mickey could Shag.


He's holding some um...big gun in the youtube video


Who's more plausible than the guy he saved the world with, and the only friend we see him with in the alternate universe? Jack would fuck a vaccum hose so that point is moot, and no one else has really noticed Mickey.
Besides, as twinks go, that guy was hot

Carl CS

Umm, Trey. Rusty has a point. I think Mickey would do hot twink sex, especially when he is angry.


Adulthood is a BIG hit over here. It opened at #1, beating some very big Hollywood films!

And as for the "speculation"? How tired that we can't have one black celeb who's sexuality we don't try and make out as gay. Noel played the teenaged son of black gay fathers in UK's Metrosexuality series years ago. He's good friends with Noah's Arc creator Patrick Ian-Polk (who I think mentioned in a blog that he worked on Adulthood as a producer). He's married and has a new baby son. Can we just accept that this is a cool talented brother without trying to "speculate" that he might be yet another closet-case?

Thanks, Rod, for including some international black entertainment perspective. Much appreciated. Love your blog- keeps us black gay blokes on this side of the pond up on black gay culture in the States.


I do believe we were talking about the character, Mickey's, possible sexuality, not Noel's. We know the difference, Sean.

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