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11 July 2008



When I moved to Australia I assumed that any contact I had with my friends in the States would be monitored. Now everyone can have that feeling.
(tags: bomb, terror, WMD, assassination)


'Democratic' Congress indeed. The Dems are spineless and weak and are always scared by these fear tactics. You can be strong on national security without adopting right wing frames that this is 'centrist.' It is not, it is a right-wing assault on our civil liberties. Pelosi, Hoyer, Webb, Jay 'Jello' Rockefeller ... Obama ... and that worthless McCaskill should be ashamed of themselves.

Each one of them has pushed this ridiculous 'bi-partisan' theme which means 'let the Republicans f--k' you over. You never see Republicans eager to jump across aisle, only the 'Democrats.' And thanks for staying on this, Rod, too many of our brothers and sisters think it is not an important issue.


I see that Lieberman and Cheney are standing by and smiling in approval.


Luther, I emailed and called my congressmen and senators several times on this issue. It's very important to many people.

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