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10 July 2008



The Cuban are fielding an entire team of impressive young men.


Dayron is an incredible runner and hurdler. His rivalry with Liu will be one of the great stories in Beijing. But I have noticed how friendly they are at meets. Must be that very close Chinese/Cuban cultural 'relationship.'

Carlos R

Dyaron is a beautiful, gorgeous young man, one of Cuba's finest. I am pleasantly surprised to read about him here. If you heard him speak you would melt. Oh, and he always sticks out his tongue and licks his lips.

Jose S

I am Cuban and Puerto Rican and am very familiar with Dayron. Hew has family in New Jersey. And yes, omg he is a gorgeous chocolate morsel.


That really is a beautiful picture of Dayron and Liu. It'[s always great to see male athletes bonding. Due to homophobia and stereotypes, sometimes the only place straight men can show emotion toward each other is while playing sport.


Another foreign athlete. Zzzz. No offense, but they are some very attractive BLACK AMERICAN track and black basketball players. You wouldn't know, there are never on this blog.


Kenneth, that's a very mypoic comment. Do you assume everyone who reads thus blog lives in America? I am an American expatriate in Turkey, so, there goes that theory. I enjoy reading news about black gay men in Africa, the Caribbean and other regions.

As far as beefcake, there is something for everyone. A track star last week was American, LL was on here the other day, there have been many American basketball players and football stars, as well as European and African football stars, models ... there is something for everyone.


Oh, Kenneth, what is wrong? Are you having problems finding 'hot pictures' of basketball players in the OFF SEASON? There are only hundreds of blogs that specialize in that sort of thing ...


This man is wonderful. God bless him and good luck at the Olympics. I love the summer games ...


I'm still waiting for the day when one of these athletic rivalries/friendships erupts into a full-fledged emotional display of romance on the track.

Come on, guys. The future is waiting.


Jim, you are absolutely and positively correct. I love seeing athletes 'bond' and loooove waching Dayron. He is one of my favorites. Very emotional and close with teammates and has a very strong attachment to Liu and another Chinese runner. What I would pay to be a fly on the wall in their dorm room.


All I can say is WOW!!! If you post beautiful men like that all the time. I'll be back each day from now on. MMM MMM MmM

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