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03 July 2008



You know, interviewing a bunch of Log Cabin Republicans is something like interviewing a clan of orangutans with schizophrenia. What can you possibly hope to learn from it?

I really appreciate Rod’s insistent description of these creeps as capital gains tax cut–loving. They’d be willing to sacrifice their own lives for a little extra change in their pockets.

But don’t underestimate the importance of the black/white issue here. Most of these folks see the Democrats as the black political party, and they don’t want any of their hard-earned, morally deserved cash going to a lazy bunch of porch monkeys.

M. Mark

Jim, what 'black/white' issue do you refer to? Do you suggest that since most gay Republicans are white, Rod or even the audience should not be concerned? This blog never came across as a mere outpost on race/color relations in the larger gay community. IMHO, that would be very boring, and, would not explain its crossover appeal.

Franklyn Smyth

Attempting to have a political discussion with a gay Republican is akin to talking with a battered wife who believes she 'deserved' being hit. The mental gymnastics, masochism and denial are breathtaking. Classic cases of Stockholm Syndrome, all of 'em.


M. Mark, I don't begin to understand your comment, so I cannot respond to it. It almost sounds trollish, but I can't be sure.

But, to clarify: Rod has very appropriately focused on self-defeating greed as one of the characteristics of the gay Republicans. I was just pointing out that, for most of them, racism is another.

M. Mark

Jim, I did not understand your original comments, thanks for clarification.

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