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09 July 2008



Any time you start fraternizing with folks who are married in your free time, you are asking for trouble. He shouldn't have been around Cynthia Rodriguez with her man not around with such frequency if he didn't want folks talking about it. Don't blame the manager homie, blame yourself. The reason all of them are mad is because they are finding out that not all pub is good pub - especially for a 50-year-old mother of three like Madonna. It was cute when she was in her twenties and thirties, now she just looks bad. When are these folks gonna learn?


who cares?

Lenny was courting trouble when he started rolling all up in cynthia's vajay-vajay in the first place...

he should KNOW better..he is legendary for breaking up relationships (his own..cheating on Lisa Bonet with Madonna and Vanessa Paradis..only to have Madonna leave him for..dennis rodman and big daddy kane and vanessa leave him for johnny depp...lisa, finally happy with SG1: Atlantis' Jason Mamoa--but chile, his divorce is MESSAAAY too!)

It doesnt matter WHAT Lenny does, he courts trouble whereever he goes...he should take a page from the book his bff gina gershon (and occasional bed mate back in the day) used when dealing with the Clinton rumors: DENY DENY DENY and keep it moving....

besides, lenny isn't looking fierce these days anyways..so he's kinda a step down..then again, A-Rod gives "beast" too...

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