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11 July 2008


Derrick Voss

That new iPhone is gorgeous. Are those characters in Japanese or Chinese?


Oooooh. I love Shemar Moore. He should have been on the cover instead of Mario Lopez.


South Carolina is very gay. At least Savannah is.

A. Ronald

Well, I'm assuming that is not your phone or we would have seen the pictures. Are you an iPhone guy? For some reason you struck me as a Blackberry type, I think you have posted that. I read the Gizmodo review and apparently the new 3G has a feature compatible with the BB push email.


Yep, I'm a PC/Blackberry man. The iPhone is very compelling. I have the iTouch and it is more user friendly than the Blackberry. If the 3G has a push email function like the Blackberry, I will have to9 check it out.


I love the iPhone galleries. More tech news, please!


Shemar said, "The 38-year-old Criminal Minds star has to keep up his membership -- due to a tendency to gain weight in all the wrong places. ``My butt will get bigger. My thighs will get thicker. My face will get chubbier."

YES, YES, YES! I say he lose the membership.


So many of the black gay men I've known over the years have told me they were sexually abused when they were children. The abuser was usually someone in the family (older brothers, uncles, etc.), someone close to the family (mom's "boyfriend") or someone in the neighborhood.

Several of the black gay men who told me their secret have said they believe the sexual molestation "caused" them to be gay. I'm looking forward to reading Michael Christopher's book to see what insights he has to offer.

Derrick from Philly

It is interestting and sad, elg. Sometimes the rapist will use the excuse of the boy's "gayness" as the reason for the assault.

"you wanna be a girl anyway" is what the bastard will say.

I believe the rapist of "soft" boys are often NOT classic pedophiles. (I know I'll get into trouble for saying that). Most of the gay guys I know who were assaulted were already gay before they were attacked.

"...already gay"? Meaning they were already attracted to boys, not girls. Still, the assault on a gay boy is just as horrible as an assault on a straight boy, but the assault doesn't make you gay. If that was the case we'd be 50% of the population, not 5%.

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