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28 July 2008



I think the ads are funny as hell. Nike's contention about this being an insight within the sport is correct.
One joy of competition is being able to humiliate an opponent in the spirit of the game.
They might not be the most sensitive ads, but if we yell "homophobia" at the drop of a hat, we're in for a long battle.
If I'm playing tennis and a guy rushes the net, I'll either pass him or NAIL HIM. Football players try to knock each other's heads off.
Basketball is a contact sport, and I'm okay with having fun with this. A crotch in the face might be okay in some instances, but not on the court. Unless you're the guy making the dunk. That ain't right.


This was blown way out of proportion. I'm not even an athlete or sports fan, but I'm related to enough/friends with enough/dated enough of them to know that that's just what those guys do - talk smack. We can't always play the homophobia card - people have to save that for when it counts.

Derrick from Philly

I still say it's possible to be homophobic without being anti-gay. A straight guy could make an effort to treat gay people with courtesy and still be revolted by the thought of another guy's stuff in his face. And I'm not going to force it on him--neither crotch nor booty.

Whose crotches (or junk as some stupid straight guys call it) do you think smells the strongest: basketball players or football players? If I were on Towleroad, I'd have to add hockey players too....you know, equal opportunity and stuff.


This was much ado about nothing and has the slight taint of race. The ads were about dunking. These outrage junkies are determined to try to slap down anything associating black men with anything remotely homophobic.


I don't think the ads were homophobic and honestly, screaming "homophobia" when its not present makes it harder to do so later.

taylor Siluwe

I don't think they were homophobic at all, but I wouldn't jump on the "outrage junkies" so fast either. I don't get on their bandwagon every time they start one up, but I'm glad somebody's got the time to get outraged at everything. I certainly don't.

And that Mr. T "Gets some Nuts!" commercial was funny as hell. Though not outwardly homophobic, it was a little prissy man being abused by the big thug because of his prissy little speed walk. The inference is pretty clear.


Well if they dropped the ad, it certainly wasn't for/because of me! cause I didn't care in the first place..

The ads were intended for straight men, they should have kept it that way.

I actually feel that pulling the ads is worse than making them could ever be, cause it forces us into a weak role of minority needing constant protection. So it's like being victimized twice (except there's still no crime)..so fuck you Nike!!


As a life-long basketball fan, I did not feel that the images shown in the ads were offensive or homophobic at all. The one slogan, "Punks Jump Up", however, goes over the line. B-ballers often attempt to humiliate an opponent by calling them "punk" or "fag", as if these are the worst things a man can be. That is homophobic in my opinion.

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