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23 July 2008



I AGREE with the dude from OUTSPORTS.

This is very much an IN YOUR FACE!!!! moment. I know that we like to make anything that involves a man's face and a man's crotch to us, but in this case...not so much.

Now, beyond that, I just don't know that I like the campaign all that much. As it relates to THE DUNK, which is generally about HEIGHT, it's not a great visual...but it's a very new direction...NOT VERY SPORTSMAN-like, but...hey...BOYS WILL BE...ARCHAIC sometimes...


Greg G

Not homophobic, just kind of silly. If you're not a sports fan, you might not get it.


Sorry Rod, but I disagree. Totally homophobic and a bit racist, too, playing to the homophobia in the black community. I wonder would they run these billboards in white neighborhoods.

Derrick from Philly

It's a little homophobic and a lot of trash talking. It's a straight-boy (or down-low or macho gay boy) thaing. T'aint my queenie business.

But I'll be very interested to hear what y'all say. I've heard what the other gay folks have to say.


Derrick and RevKev have a point. There is the implicit imagery that it is embarrassing to have an athlete's face buried in an opponent's crotch, but it is more trash talk. Dunking is so in your face, it is supposed to be supreme.

Derrick, did you see the comments by the Chelsea crowd at Towleroad. Have mercy, lol.


The ad is blatantly homophobic and preys upon the increased homophobia among black men and the black community. I'm surprised you don't see this Rod, you have been very outspoken about sports and homophobia in the black community.


"I wonder would they run these billboards in white neighborhoods.".

Nope, the only people buying a pair of sneakers that cost three grand are in the hood are rappers and their fans in the hood. The billboards are in the right place.


I'm with the Rev Kev on this one. It's athletes and their world, bravado and trash talking. The slam dunk is the ultimate act in basketball.

Xavier Greene

The Nike ad campaign is not homophobic. It is full of sports imagery and situations deemed embarrassing by athletes. I don't necessarily see it as anti gay or pro gay.

But I don't have a problem burying my face in ... oh, let me stop.


The ad doesn't offend me per se, it's more silly than offensive. Not homophobic ... just ... chest thumping. Trying too hard, imo.


I see both sides... I can live with it but I can see it being homophobic because straight men don't like another man's crotch in his face. Black community still has issues with gays and even more seeing it in public or tv. real sad.


I guess my lack of knowledge of the b-ball world prevents me from seeing what other connoiseurs see. And that is plain and simple trash talk in these ads. The minute an image of a man being dominated by another man, is being shunned (if indeed that is what this is all about) then a lot of you guys fail to see the revulsion associated with male on male contact, especially one where *gasps* the domineer and the "domineered" are both black, which again our trying-too-hard macho culture has succeeded in infusing in us since the day the doctor announces it's a boy. It's sometimes so subtle like in some of these ads or not so much that we wouldn't know it if it knocked on our door (for instance the that ain't right and the what would your momma say). Am I over-reacting? Maybe so. Rightly so? Hell yeah!


This is directed at athletes and the athlete culture. It's trash talking with an edge of homophobia. But I don't think it's racist or necessarily anti-gay except some folks want equate blacks with being anti-gay.


Listen. Homophobia—fear of gay people—sells. That's the bottom line.

Everyone has to feel afraid of being someone—young people as much as anyone—and gay people are les inférieurs du jour.

But every bit as offensive as the homophobia of the ads is the concept of $3,000 sneakers.

I‘ll take a gross, in brown paper.

Cog Dis

Hmmm...I wish Nike would contribute just a 0.01% of their revenue to literacy programs, health prevention and other worthy causes in the same communities in which they are putting these billboards....then, at least the 99.9% of the little boys that WILL NOT make it to the NBA will at least have a life just in case their jump shot ain't up to par :)

I also see both sides of the other issue as well...yeah, could be homophobic because I can't imagine anyone thinking that having another man's sweaty, musky crotch in your face after playing b-ball for 2 hours would be appealing and the boys on the corner are all like "Damn...did you see that sh%t! He went off!!!" High fives and daps all around.

Of the 3 ads above, the 1st one has the most face/a-s contact...so it's pretty gay or at least gay-ish. The 2nd and 3rd (I believe) are more knee/face-ish...but hey, some folks really get off on having a knee in their nose (or other areas).

Satu LexDeileon

Personally, I am not into sports, and don't know much about sports, however, looking at the ad simply states "In your Face" "Dunking, In your Face". I think some may find the ad sexy however it has nothing to do with sexuality, homo, gay, down low or any relevant relation to GLBT... lifestyle and it's not insulting however engaging and it will sell the shoe... Anyone thinking otherwise is simply thinking with the wrong head...


If anything, I find it homoerotic.

But the kind straight guys can get into...

And why is it targeted at blacks as some said? It seems there are some whites athletes in the ads!

C. Baptiste Williams

i dont see it as homophobic at all. but just straight trash talk that would go on on any court


From Rod's article:
"features...basketball players being dunked in what are supposed to be embarrassing and humiliating positions, mostly with one player's face buried in his opponent's crotch"

YES---It's about basketball.
YES---It's about one person DUNKING ON another.
NO---You cannot dunk without getting pretty high up off the ground.
NO---You CANNOT control where another MOVING person will always end up.
YES---YOUR crotch and/or knee might end up in someone's face. Probably JUST BEFORE that person falls down.
YES---You NEED to cut the crap about the homophobia...
BECAUSE NO---Almost no one would like it if some 230lb guy's sweaty crotch/knee jump up and knocked you down.

Cog Dis

And why is it targeted at blacks as some said? It seems there are some whites athletes in the ads!

Quoting directly from ROD these ads are going up near "Harlem, and the West 4th courts in Manhattan..."

I can safely say that the folks that are likely to see these ads have a lot of pigment...but I could be wrong...just a guess.

Long Nguyen, Flaunt Magazine

to consider these images as homophobic is to really miss out
on popular culture

sometime it may surprise many of you that not all male-male imagery is homo erotic nor homo phobic

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