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17 July 2008



oh, i love these boys. they are such teases and now they gay boys love them. spectacular really is a lil stunna and yes, has a cheesy 90s persona. its hilarious.


Umm, Rod, I think you're whipped. Their best singer just left and 4 Play looks great but doesn't sounds as good. Spectacular looks spectacular and sings slightly above average.



I feel you. B. Scott is fierce indeed, but after the BET Awards, his favorite performance was CIARA & CHRIS BROWN! En Vogue...Al Green...Jill Scott...Maxwell...Anthony Hamilton and B. Scott is giving love to CHRIS BROWN & CIARA for DANCING?! Now fever for an above par version and a very sexy video?! Bless it.

Love B. Scott
DOUBLE KISSES & SUCH, but I'm with you Rod...They are sexy and it's nice to see a sexy video again from another male artist (Where IS D'Angelo!?).



RevKev is positively absolutely correct. These boys are HOT and they sound grown. Sure, its over the top homo, but, thats why they appeal to younger women and many gay men. Of course, as RevKev said, the girly girls are loving Chris Brown and Ciara. I will love all these young men!


The new singer really does have a strong voice. If you go to that MTV red carpet interview linked above, he sings acapella. Pretty lil babys.

Henry HW

Who are these boys? I never heard of them before. Have mercy!


Well, the original version was pretty homoerotic too, I thought. I saw H-Town in concert way back when, and they dumped milk all over themselves during their act and everything. Very raunchy, but all three of them mofos were fine.

You know you are getting old when teeny boppers are covering songs from your youth. Good lord.


Yeah, I know it's internalized homophobia but B Scott makes me nauseous. He's just strange to me. I wish I didn't feel that way.

Derrick from Philly

I must be getting old.


Can you elaborate on your feelings about Love B. Scott. I appreciate (and so would Ms Scott) your honesty and sincere explanation.

A few weeks ago, I described Scott as a "transgendered gay person". Well, one poster wrote in and told me that Scott wasn't transgendered because he wasn't transsexual. I'm wonderin' who told all these gay men (black & white) that one has to want a sex change to be transgendered. That's not true. Drag Queens & Drag Kings are under the umbrella of transgendered. I think it is just another case of gay men not being comfortable with gays who totalling reject their gender roles as assigned by our society/culture.

I think Love B. Scott is incredibly brave, beautiful, and BREAKS DOWN STEREOTYPES--"she" proves that feminine males are not all frivolous, empty-headed creatures like the two characters portrayed on "Men On Film" on the old "In Living Color" comedy show.

Back to those Rappers "Pretty Ricky": this young trade nowadays just look like they don't want to wash. That's why I'm kinda' through with "rough trade" like the ones in the video. Give me "Obama/Reggie Bush" trade" now--clean and deodorized.


You know Derrick, I have to confess that even I, a man who ain't the most masculine thing on the block, am often not comfortable with guys like B. Scott. But then I check myself and find that most of the ones I encounter are nice people. I think for me it stems from the fact that the first few I met in the life were SO MEAN it was ridiculous ... those things were catty as hell and they turned me off. More recently, there was one who worked at the Whole Foods up the street from me, and that child would never even speak to me, lol ... she'd speak to the people in front of me AND behind me, but never me. Not sure what that was all about, but it bothered me. Maybe my body language gave away my discomfort, who knows? By contrast, at the Whole Foods in the other direction, there is one who is just lovely and the nicest person you'll ever meet. I've often asked myself how I would react if a close friend of mine moved in the transgendered direction. I would hope I'd be supportive, as I expect the same from those who love me. But I can't help but wonder.

B. Scott is brave in ways I don't think I could ever be, and I respect him for that. You can't really knock him.

Derrick from Philly

Thanks for the honest response, ME. And don't pay that "child" at Whole Foods any mind. There are some evil "queens" in this world--some even more evil when they work at the market, and find themselves attracted to handsome gay customers who they know they can never have.


This is a very interesting and revealing thread. First of all, props to B. Scott for doing his thing. I'm not necessarily attracted to those type of men, but, B is very fierce and brave for being himself. And props to Rod for doing his thing, which is totally different than B's, but it's good to see they link each other. You know "clickish" black gay men can be sometimes.

That being said ... I'm with RevKev. B got it all wrong on this track and video. Pretty Ricky sounds grown and sexy. They are still the Tiger Beat and Right On! crowd, but, they have an adult sound. And very obviously know their audience.

Blanche DuBois

Darling, if these boys are giving interviews to the likes of AXM or Gay Times, they are VERY smart indeed.


As I said earlier derrick, it's internalized homophobia. I'm not proud of these feelings but they are real. It's probably a bit of self loathing too. I grew up in north philly, (not an easy place for a light skin, gay boy with reddish brown hair to grow up). My mother once beat me with a hair brush to the point where my grandmother had to stop her. My offense was that a neighbor said they saw me switching while I was out playing. I was seven years old. I learned then to suppress any feminine energy, actual or perceived, that I may embody. Mastering this behavior made me virtually unclockable to the untrained eye.

I was never a brother who attacked the more effeminate. I recognized early the courage it took to live your life in a hyper masculine culture.

With that said, brothers like B Scott still make me uncomfortable. So many in the world think he's the norm. We know that sgl brothers come in different shapes.

Again, it's my stuff. I own it. It has little to nothing to do with that brother.


Now to put my foot back in my mouth. Derrick, I just read the last paragraph of you post addressed to me and I have to disagree. B Scott may be intelligent but he is one of the stereotypes.

A. Ronald

Freeleo, thank you for being so honest. Many of us share the same internalized homophobia, and, unforttunately, not all of us can be so open. Thanks for sharing and thank you Derrick for starting the conversation.


RevKev is SPOT ON. I love this remake. Its hot, the boys arec sexy and their sound is decent. Pretty Ricky won't be getting a grammar anytime soon or reoplacing my N'dea Davenport and Sarah Vaughn ... but they ain't bad.

And dayumn is that 4 Play something else. He and Spectacular need to get a room.

M Mark

Daps to "Me." Are we getting that old that these songs from the mid 90s are considered "classics"?

I guess I'd better not start singing Chic or the Jones Girls.


I'm with you M Mark. I thought the original song was crude and stupid! And do you think these guys know what there doing in this video? Do they even know what homoerotic means? Do you think they were set up by some deliciously devious video director or stylist? Yeah, yeah, kiss your pecs the "girls" will love it! Yeah, rub that oil all over your torso.....for the "ladies"!

Brian R

Dluv, sorry, but I'm not following what are you saying. Are you suggesting Pretty Ricky doesn't know they have some gay appeal? I think they are aware., certainly the music video director is aware. And if the groups gave an interview to a gay magazine, surely they are very aware of their homoerotic component.?

The video just looks GAY.


Rod, I'm trying to understand this post. I think Pretty Ricky are tired teenyboppers. And wtf why quote B Scott as an opposing POV? I am frankly surprised to see Pretty Ricky and/or B Scott on this blog. IIRC, B has been mentioned here several times. I'm very surprised and thought you didn't like those types of black gay man.

Greg G

NN, why not post the video and mention the group, or, link to B Scott? You need to go upthread and read the conversation between Derrick and Freeleo. You're coming across as judgmental and self-hating.

Oh, and I would love to hear your list of approved blogs that Rod should link to, lol.

A. Ronald

If I recall correctly, NN has made that same argument before in another thread. B Scott is fine, and so is Rod, it seems like you are trying to 'read' both of them. I personally like reading different points of views, and, its interesting how people get a different vibe from the video.


B Scott fits the STEREOTYPE! Acts like a woman and that is the stereotype. Being braved and intelligent has nothing to do with the mannerism that B explodes (literally).

I cringe heavily when I see and hear him start talking!!!!

I like masculine, masculine, masculine, masculine, masculine gay men.

Re: pretty ricky

Who told them that were pretty?

Body is tight on lead singer but everyone else is not pretty!

Talk about irony.

Derrick from Philly

Once a person opens up their mouth and gives a sincere thought about who they are, what they think is important, and why they feel the way that they do; they are no longer a stereotype. You can't be a stereotype and an individual human being at the same time. One can have traits and mannerisms that are "stereotypical", but inside there is a distinct personality. From a distance you may appear "stereotypical"--once you share you feelings and views...well, you are a complete human being.

Hey, Anti-believer:

I like "masculine, masculine, masculine, masculine" TRADE....they musta' liked me too...I had hundreds of them.

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