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31 July 2008



This is outrageous and a darned shame. If black gay men in the nation's two largest cities cannot hold a black gay pride without mismanagement, where can they hold one? Give me a break.

Oh and let me say brilliant reporting Rod. I saw this story on the Yahoo Groups and something told me you would have the full story.


I'm not one to gossip, but it seems Michael Roberson's extra-curricular activities were quite well known in the ballroom community. It's very surprising that he lasted this long.

Henry TW

Wow. It's saddening but not very surprising that yet another black gay pride is canceled at the last minute. So the parties will continue across the weekend, but, the AIDS prevention charity, fundraisers and the official community events will not happen.

In other words, it's just a party weekend.

Henry TW

One more thing. Let me co-sign Brandon's observation and congratulate you on your fabulous reporting. Rod 2.0 truly is the black gay CNN.

A. Ronald

POCC took over the Pride in the City and wanted to be the sole sponsor of the event. It has been undercapitalized and over promoted and now is essentially just a big party weekend. How can you have black gay pride without the city's largest black gay pride involved in the function?

This is a loss to the entire black gay community of New York City. And it is a downright shame Terence Legend had to file a lawsuit against POCC. I truly hope there is a reasonable expectation and th executive director did not embezzle.

Real Black Gay Man

Let me get this right. The organizers of the ball say that after eight months, POCC suddenly pulled out and did not offer a reason? Un-freaking believable.

Mad Professsah

I agree. New tagline! "The Black Gay CNN" (Why is Rod 2.0 still in beta, anyway?)

The story is heartbreaking (but oh so familiar!) -- what is it about non-profit management that makes people LOSE THEIR MINDS??


Great reporting Rod.

I think this was bound to happen. There are a lot of gay people that take these executive positions in gay organizations and don't give a d@mn. Hopefully with pressure from black gays they will find a responsible, forward thinking, and caring black gay person to head these organizations. You got to care folks! Thousands of black gay people are getting infected with HIV every year and where is their voice in the national media?


Mad P, you ain't never lied. It is entirely too unfortunate that many people go into non-profit management and steal from the charities they were supposed to help.

This reporting in his story really is excellent.


WOW this was news that you would not get from CNN. So I guess I can concur with others on here. What is going on with the state of Black gay men? I questioned the leaders who are running the show and there should be checks and balances and shouldn't hold office but for two to three years. It is time to co chair and CFO and CEO. There is no need for one person to have that much power when we are dealing with money. Rod thanks for the post! You are on point these days!:)


Another black gay pride bites the dust. This is becoming a monthly series.

Bill W

I heard about this story at Clay Cane and knew that you would have the 411.

WHOA. I have utterly devastated by this news. Cedric is absolutely right, there is NO REASON one organization and one man should have had that much power and control over this event. It seems odd that auditors did not catch the misappropriation of funds. Maybe they did audits are often performed in June and July.

Much luck to Terrance Dean and Terence Legend. I wish I were in New York City, I would love to see this ball.

Evan, Cedric and ATL Kid are right. This is a great blog, I'm always astounded that you are able to do so much original reporting.

Oliver W

This is a low-down dirty shame. The expressed purpose of black gay pride is to show solidarity and unity in our community. If these allegations are true they are an affront and utterly despicable. Spending agency money on airfare tickets, bailing out boosting ball queens and partying? This is stealing from the community.



I was wondering what you were up to earlier today since it was getting pretty late in the afternoon and you hadn't updated your site...now we know.

Thanks for shedding light on this unfortunate situation. Wonderful work as usual. Thanks for being an amazing example for the rest of us bloggers to follow.


this news is dreadful. i hope these problems get ironed out quickly. LA, NYC and who's next. as a matter of fact my friends and i were commenting just last week, how surprised we were that it is still possible to get a room at the host hotel in ATL at this stage with only a month to go. normally all the rooms at the host hotel and overflow hotels would be fully booked. does this mean the attendance will be very low or what. of course, the special rate for black pride was only $89 per room and the brand new W is charging over $200 per room, which is more than double. the organizers need to find an alternative for next year because if the host hotel/focal point isn't buzzing then the event is dead. we can not afford to loose another BLACK pride. hats off always to ATL pride organizers but please sort this out before it's too late.


good reporting rod!!!


As I see it, this is less about Black Pride and more about an absence of effective leadership at our Black gay organizations. Unfortunately, this is not the first time an agency head has been accused of misappropriation of funds.

These kinds of problems will only go away when we, the community, demand more of our leaders and hold them accountable for their actions.


Excellent reporting! Sad to see Black Pride being put to shame like this. But lets try to re-group and focus on the positive. We need new leaders in the Black gay/lesbian community to step up and make sure that Black Pride 2009 is the biggest and best pride ever. We need to let our brotha's and sista's know that we fall down but we get up and move forward. So lets not linger..lets learn from the mistakes and build anew.

David Meyer

Wow. So many emotions. This is just sad, heart breaking and disgusting, all at the same time. I've been to balls produced by the House of Legend and they are FIERCE. I love the ballroom community and really hope that this can be resolved in an amicable fashion.


Darian, your comments are funny because I was thinking the exact same thing. I know that Rod said posts would be slow this week but it seemed like today's was taking quite a while. But it was worth the wait ...

As always, the reporting at Rod 2.0 is outstanding. A few blogs and the email listervs published the POCC cancellation notice. I'm always impressed that you go the extra mile on almost every topic.


I'd like to echo what our good brotha Bernie said. There is a crisis of leadership in the black gay community. The prides are without a message, the organizations are without leadership, the activities are without purpose. We need to demand more and we will get more.

Mad Professsah

how many Black Gay organizations are there?

If I was ATL Black Pride I would send out a press release PDQ re-assuring people that sh*t is still going on Labor day Weekend.

Tom Blumenthal

All allegations of stealing, etc are detailed on my radio show "ServeTheKids Radio" on www.blogtalkradio.com/servethekids ....the former POCC board chairman was my guest. He broke down line by line every abuse allegedly committed by Roberson.


chile.... are those Mugler's raising criminals... wasn't the Philly twins that were robbin the asians muglers 2

Nathan James

I deeply deplore this unmitigated disaster at POCC...the Blackout Arts Festival was to be a showcase of arts and culture from mour community. The Festival belonged to the community, and just like that, it is taken from us...

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