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09 July 2008


Jarid Manos

Thanks Rod for posting this. It's good to see my hometown of Fort Worth leading so righteously here. People think of Texas as being backwards, but those who do haven't been to the cities of Fort Worth, Dallas, Houston, and Austin, where urban folks in this now minority-majority state are turning Texas purple. We still have a way to go but there is a lot of young, driven energy here, especially in our inner city communities. When Bob Ray Sanders, of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, (perhaps the most well-known black columnist in Texas) wrote a (favorable) piece about my book www.ghettoplainsman.com and organization in Jan, basically outing me publicly for the first time, I expected hell. But surprisingly, most people been very cool, and that in turn has made me even more comfortable with the whole 'gay thing." In fact, this is the first time I'm posting under my own name.

We have more straight allies than we think. Which is not to say we shouldn't still watch our back, but things are changing. And being cool with ourselves helps further this. Still a work in progress mos definitely -- ( my state, and me too) -- but that's the word from Texas ebody. Thanks fo' listenin. :]

Nite In Shining Armour

About damn time someone said that. I was in the military for 4 years and some of the best soldiers were gay.


The Persian king Cyrus dealt with the issue of gays in the military 2600 years ago. I'm not talking about the Greek institution of man-boy love, either, or the Sacred Band of Thebes made up of ordinary men who were in male-to-male love bonds. I am talking about honest-to-goodness, innately and exclusively homosexual men of the modern type.

Back in the fifth century BC, the Greek historian Xenophon wrote that Cyrus believed that men who were impotent with women or disinclined toward heterosexual sex:

"when deprived of this desire, they become gentler, no doubt, but not less quick to obey, not less daring as horsemen, not less skilful with the javelin, not less eager for honour. In war and in the hunt they show plainly enough that the fire of ambition is still burning in their hearts. And they have stood the last test of loyalty in the downfall of their masters. None have shown more faithfulness than eunuchs when ruin has fallen on their lords. In bodily strength, perhaps, the eunuchs seem to be lacking, but steel is a great leveller, and makes the weak man equal to the strong in war."

[Granted, he is talking about "eunuchs," but having researched the subject, I believe that in the ancient world "eunuch" was what an innately and exclusively homosexual man would have been called.]

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