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24 July 2008



Well obviously not all the people of Sudan aren't refugees or suffering from the strife, so of course it makes perfect sense to deal the issues of a gay bishop in the flock.

Just don't look at the blood or the people being slaughtered by the Janjaweed.Over there! there's a gay bishop!


Like I said somewhere else, these closet pricks would do anything to appease their oppressor. How in the name of reason, would the resignation of a gay bishop, make that bloodthirsty of a president stop providing aid to the Janjaweed who are responsible for the genocide of Deng's own people? Unbelievable!!


Rod, speaking as a gay Nigerian man in London, thanks much for keeping the flame burning on the African news and news from the African gay diaspora. I know you get grief for the international coverage sometimes, so thanks, it's appreciated.


These African pastors have, besides the usual motivations for promoting homophobia, the added incentive of a financial relationship with those “conservative” American churches like the ones in Virginia that now fall into Akinola’s diocese.

(It’s so ironic for white Episcopalian churches in Dixie to be under the umbrella of a black African bishop; but then again, the joys of homophobia are satisfying enough for those white Virginia Episcopalians to swallow their racial pride.)

Won’t they please allow the Anglican church to split up over this? Just cut the bigots loose.


Unsurprisingly, this is the type of news coming from Africa that the international media agencies love to pick up. meh


Keeping it real...
We don't have time to worry about what the hell is going on in Africa when the brothers and sisters here in the U.S. are killing each other! I don't mean to sound like a prick but...we need to clean our own yard up first and then look over the fence to the neighbors...as the flight attendant always says..."secure your mask first in the event that we loose pressure and THEN help someone else..." wise words...

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