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15 July 2008




Thanks for posting this. I can't wait to read it. Your article is moving in-and-of itself. I can't wait to read it. Thanks Rod.


This makes my day. I love stories like this. Bless this young man's heart.


Wow. What courage. These young gay men and lesbians are coming out of the closet younger and younger. I wish I had their courage when I was their age. I finally came out at 30 years old and have not looked back since.


What a wonderful, special and artistic young man. He deserves all of our support and all of our love. Such a profile in courage.


I guess I am old fashioned but he still has a couple more years in school....why are you wearing girls clothing? I understand that he is gay but I think and feel he needs to be reminded that he is a child and he should not be wearing improper attire. He has plenty of time to come of age and bloom. Those teenage years you can't get back. I waited until my graduation night to fully come out. I wish him the best and hope he find his way thru life. I am glad he is proud!


"I understand that he is gay but I think and feel he needs to be reminded that he is a child and he should not be wearing improper attire."

And you define "proper attire" as ... ?

I'm thinking is his parents allow him to express himself as he shes, who are we to judge? Or do you think boys should dress and behave as boys, girl;s dress and behave as girls, etc. Might as well enforce those sodomy statutes, too.


This is powerful!

Brave man.

Hope for the best for you.

Mark Norris

Thank you so much Rod for this piece. This is a reminder to me why I am studying what I am studying in school. We all can benefit, the whole community, if we the gay/lesbian adults take part in mentoring these youths. From the comments I have read on your blog, there are a lot of good, intelligent and self-respecting Gay and Lesbian Men and Women out here. People who have opinions, integrity, beauty and values that young mind, young gay minds can benefit from. I would encourage others to take time and just give a little bit to our youngsters. These are the one's who will represent our community into the future.

Mel Smith

Much love and respect to the young man. Did you guys noticed what his teacher said to him? See that's why we need laws against this; he was a small child and the teacher told him he should no be acting like a 'f@gg@t.' I always said that they are going after ALL gays, regardless if they are children or not. Can you imagine what that can do to a child.


I didn't come out until I was 17, I'm 23 now. This is a brave act this young man doing. All I have to say is, you go boy, more power to you and do the damn thing.-QH


Wr should applaud this young man and not question his choices. He is young, only a teen, and not only out to his family and school but now the WORLD. Meanwhile, a few anonymous, possibly closeted, gays sit behind their keyboards and pass judgment. No thank you.


I read this earlier but I just got around to posting a comment. All i can really do is echo what others have already said. Thanks for posting this and WOW!!! he is very brave. I wish him the best and hope he remains true to himself and safe from the maniacs of our day

Rod MC

Thanks for the great feedback. Saro Harvey is such a profile in courage. I'll keep on the lookout for similar stories.

It was very moving reading hearing his words and reading his story. What gay man hasn't heard those same words?


I'm not sure I would define it as 'proper attire'. But I would imagine that dressing in clothes that are more male-oriented would make his life a whole lot easier. I'm guessing that his peers are perceiving his dress code as confrontational and challenging. Of course, they have no right to torment this guy.

Question is, should this boy dress in clothes that are traditionally more male, to make his own life easier, and to pacify his tormentors? Or should he be allowed to express his gender identity in a way that he chooses to?

I have no desire to wear female clothing, nor did I when I was in high school, so I do not identify with his needs. But that doesn't mean he shouldn't be allowed to wear whatever he wants to. He is not the one going around beating up others that are different than he is, he is merely expressing his difference, right? And even though I consider a male in female clothing unappealing and somewhat puzzling (which is my own thing), I think he should have the right to wear what he pleases.

Pastor Michael-Vincent Crea

Once again, Rod, you spotlight such a significant moment for all of us, who are same gender loving, acting, identifying or otherwise, just being who we are meant to be: very much like or hoping to be like our young brave brother Saro Harvey.

It is the very most powerful act of each of us, as an individual and communally in any group, to self-identify, as that truly is the first step in one's individual or collective self-determination.

Saro is a Divine-Human Being with all the personhood, potential and power of an adolescent discovering and exploring both himself and the entire Cosmos that youths "boldly go," if only in their dreams, yet, still reaching beyond their grasp to their own galaxies of Goodness and their own Godliness.

At a gathering of young people in Brooklyn, a young person related how a friend had intimated that he didn't believe in God, only to be told by the friend to look in the mirror. Out of the mouths of babes!

To their credit and herein, my own bold voice of confidence goes to Saro's mother and father for their own dynamic growth and true integrity in allowing, affirming and actualizing with all their own parental care, love and real protection for Saro to live and the share the same attributes in his own development, life and person.

What more can any of us say to Saro and his "joie de vivre,"
"joy of Life, indeed, living!

Rod, by you sharing daily such stories, like Saro Harvey, as Divine-Human Beings, of our own common search and discovery of balancing our spiritual sensualities and our sensual spiritualities, amidst the antagonisms of societies that try in suffocating our sexualities, leaves me each time wanting to tell YOU: "You make me feel so young!"

Thank you, Rod; thank you, Mr. & Mrs. Harvey; thank you Saro for being yourself and teaching us: the best defense against bullying and loving our every neighbor is by loving ourselves, as we are and knowing ourselves to be!!!

All my LOVE, as one ol' dog still learning new tricks and growing and staying young all the while!

Michael-Vincent Crea, Pastor


I think this was a powerful story as well, and I applaud Saro for being true to himself. Like Saro's mother, however, I would naturally be concerned for his safety and the safety of any out gay teen.

As a young man who was out in high school, I experienced a considerable amount of isolation and harassment. While I would encourage any gay youth to be proud of who they are, as a responsible adult I would also balance this with lessons of caution. Unfortunately, we still live in a very homophobic society where gays are subjected to physical violence on a regular basis.


This kid is my new hero. I wish I'd had the courage he has and the supportive parents when I was his age. Go get them, Saro.

C. Baptiste Williams

While I am happy this little boy is comfortable in his own skin... It pains me to see so many young homosexuals or confused kids associate being gay with carrying purses and being feminine.

This article and the issue isn't about Saro being gay it is about gender identity.


Saro Harvey and his mother will be featured at an event on Thursday, July 24, 2008 called Brothers and Sisters under the Rainbow Discussion Series. University of the District of Columbia (UDC)
Building 38, 4.0 Lounge
4200 Connecticut Ave. NW
Metro: Red Line-Van Ness/UDC
All are welcome.. more info at www.pflagdc.org

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