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22 August 2008




Mark 2

I really wish you could have at least attempted to be a little balanced and posted about Jamaica's success on the track. It illustrates that there are good things and people there too despite the homophobia.

I dont get your 1 million posts on homophobia but there are no positives about the country pointed out. How even handed of you :(


I sure as hell don't care to hear or speak ANYTHING about Jamaica.

Anyway prepare for perhaps a woman coming in here raving about how "straight" this guy is.I notice it only happens when you talk about the US athletes.LOL I don't know this guys race so they may not...


Naturally, Brian is the cover story in Hawai'i today. He grew up here and went to public school here—a matter of fact, just down the road from where I live.

And Natasha Kai, the multiply tattooed, openly gay, Mormon-raised, gold-medal soccer player is from just up the road from me. She is from a public high school nationally famous for its Samoan and Tongan football players who go on to play in the pros.

This has been a most successful Olympics for this tiny state.

Bulging imagination

Not sure that's fair, freeleo...

I too thought there might be some brilliant Rod commentary comparing Jamaica's track success and the nation's entrenched homophobia. Bernie circulated a really interesting piece in yesterday's Gleaner about why Jamaicans run fast (http://jamaica-gleaner.com/gleaner/20080822/news/news1.html) that helps illustrate that the country is no failed state or incompetent banana republic unable to protect its gay citizens. But then I thought: gay Jamaicans are going batty (pun intended) with national pride; why should I expect an African American to be ambivalent or more restrained with the USA! USA! stuff? After the Olympics are over, I'm sure Rod will get back to his fine attention to things international besides codpieces.


As long time reader of ROD ( who I think is amazing) I too feel he has been rather quiet about the Jamaican/ Caribbean success at these Olympics.

I think they have performed incredibly well and any TRUE FAN of athletics knows that this is true and this feat should be commended.

Usain Bolt by virtue of his performances and personality has made these Olympics enthralling theatre and he should be celebrated.

Kudos to the USA quarter milers for a wonderful display in the 4x400...

But I must hail up and big up my Caribbean athletes Jamaica,Cuba, Trinidad, Bahamas .... great job!

Rod ...More pics of David Oliver, Nestor Carter and Leshwan Merritt please


just to clarify, bulging imagination, i made the comment that bryan clay is, "fine as hell." i think he is.

in all fairness to rod, he also hasn't mentioned how poorly the americans performed in track and field over all this year. he's talked about a few fine brothers that were going to the olympics and a few of the gold medal winners.

perhaps this is a failing of mine, but every time i hear someone "thank god" or see someone fall down on a track and go into prayer after a win, i wince. it always seems more religious then spiritual. the jamaicans and a few african countries did this more then any other group that i noticed. i'm sure some of the black americans did too but since they didn't win much this year it wasn't as noticeable. sadly, this was one reason i couldn't be happy for the jamaicans. i just kept thinking, if you holy people found out i was sgl, and in their country, they could stone me in the streets with little or no consequences.

there was a time that if anyone from the african diaspora did anything note worthy or admirable, i felt a sense of pride for the race. i've grown to understand that every brother ain't a brother and i need to find out more about your politics before i sing your praises.

atl kid

I'm sorry to say this, but some of you sound like bitter, jaded queens.

It seems that every time something is posted here, it is not good enough and all of you demand more. The other day when Angelo Taylor was posted, people were complaining the American team wasn't doing that well. Then some people copmplained about the attention given to other nations. What about the USA??? several commenters inclusing Freelo asked. Now, the critics say the blog is too American-focused and demand more posts on Jamaican track athletes.

What a joke. Oh, and cute screenname Bulging Imaguination. I comment here every day. Haven't seen seen you in any of the political or news posts.

A. Ronald

I cosign with ATL Kid. Truly disappointing coments that demonstate ungratitude and bitterness.

This is a news, political and pop culture blog. The mancandy is a pacer, not the focus of the blog. Mark2, Bulging and Nahtans, are any of seriously implying you haven't seen or heard about the Jamaican track team ad nauseum? Or on every channel? Because I think it's everywhere and on every channel.

Jose S

Wow. Everyone is a critic.

I am Cuban and am very happy to read about Cuban news, culture and yes athletes on this blog but do not expect this blog to be the United Nations of the blogosphere. My opinion but Rod does an excellent job, it is just him I think not a whole staff. It is unfortunate many of you are so critical. Perhaps there is another blog that does a better job?

And my question to Mark, okay, the Jamaican track team is doing very well does that mean tomorrow in Jamaica gays will not be stoned and persecuted? I think they will. So your comments are very silly.


I dont understand how anyone can blog about the olympics and track and field in particular and NOT blog about Usain Bolt...

Cuba is not exactly Canada in terms of gay rights.( But I am glad that Rod saw past that because I love Dayron.

I dont know how Rod makes his decisions on what he posts and the vast majority of the time I am in total agreement on his choices ( I think we have similar tastes in men ) but it would be nice for him to big up at least Usain.

And just for eye candy reasons a foto of Nesta Carter would be icing on the cake!

Bulging imagination

Meant to refer to Mark2's post, not freeleo's. To their credit, I'm not aware of any public homophobia by any of Jamaica's elite athletes, unlike the dancehall performers and the Prime Minister. Anyone read anything I missed?


Nahtans, are you saying you haven't read or watched any coverage of the Jamaican track team's success? Or are you saying ROD 2.0 HAS TO POST PICTURES of the athletes?

Sounds to me like you're saying the second.

I've learned not to argue with Rod's editorial descisions. I generally agree the topics are very newsworthy and will often agree or disagee with his point of view. But I will never come in someone's kitchen and tell them what to cook. I can enjoy the meal or not enjoy the meal. many of you are coming in the kitchen and telling the cook how to plan the menu.

And another poster is correct. Who are some of these people making criticisms? What other stories have they commented upon?

Rod Mc

It's too bad the comment thread that should celebrate Brian Clay's victory was hijacked by pettiness.

Mark2, your comments are ridiculous. This is a blog, not Reuters or the Jamaican tourist office. I post and comment on whatever catches my eye. There is no requirement to "balance" anything. Your second comment was deleted. Comment no further in this thread or you will be banned.

OTOH, it's very telling that the latest Lawrence King and Stephanie Tubbs Jones post have no comments, but, this post is "bulging" with comments on which track team deserves more air time on this blog and why I've ignored this or that athlete. That speaks for itself, no?


"I dont know how Rod makes his decisions on what he posts and the vast majority of the time I am in total agreement on his choices ( I think we have similar tastes in men ) but it would be nice for him to big up at least Usain."

Does that sound like I am telling him what to do??? Dont be so sensitive... LOL its just a blog... and im just expressing an opinion LOL

ROD Give me more athletes...never enough


I will admit to being a track and field FANATIC so I have skipped over all other postings but I will check them out as soon as I come off my track and field high!

And Rod I'm a fan for life so keep keeping on!


Re this from Bryan Clay: "...if my body holds up I'm hoping to be capable of doing this again in 2012."

If he needs any help keeping that body in shape, he should get in touch with me.....LOL!

Rod Mc

Nahtans, you are a veteran commenter and your comments are fine. Bulging Imagination also makes a good point. I'll be the first to admit my plate has been full and I've been off my game this week.

On other hand, Miss "Mark2","Mark 3" and "Mark 4" has been banned. Please, no one respond to her. Disagreements, suggestions and honest criticism are appreciated. Hijacking comments and multiple rants are not.


I'm also from Hawaii and we are very proud of Brian Clay. It's very special that the decathlon title is once again claimed by an American, especially one with such a unique story. Brian Clay is such an inspiration. Look at the grit and determination on his face.

And yes, OMFG is Brian Clay handsome. Such a fine young man. I will gladly help him keep his body in great shape, lol.

Oh and if I may add my two cents. it continues to be a sad commentary to watch some people use any opportunity to bash this blog. It can't be all things to all people and all of the time. Voice your criticisms and move along. Maybe you will see something you like next week. It was very faggy to try to take over this thread. Let's get back to Brian Clay.


Rod-you have the best blog out here hands down. All of us are free to start our own blogs and comment/report about whatsoever we please. It is retarded to try and bash a blogger for blogging!


some of you are hilariously pathetic.

you ONLY come here when rod puts up eye candy/pics...you NEVER post here on any other posts but that...

so what he didnt put up pics of usain bolt and asafa powell--realness: Usain Bolt is busted as hell..and now, his records are being questioned because he's a virtual nobody..so deal with that.

if you have issues, go start your own blog and put up pics of bolt and powell..have at it.

oh that's right, you KNOW EVERYONE is reading this one so you come here and whine.

most of you probably aren't even jamaican and probably DON'T even like caribbeans at that..you just want to complain and wine. bitter heifers.

i swear...bitter, stank queens complain about everything and NEVER come up with solutions to this..i.e. their OWN SITES.


Brian Clay? Next...send him back to the States with his Caucasian wife and children.

Usain Bolt...what a man,what a man, what a mighty fine man!

Guess Who

Ryan, toots, it is no surprise you are giving so much fever to Bryan Clay. Does he remind you of certain biracial Mugler sex sirens, no?

Guess Who

Ryan, toots, it is no surprise you are giving so much fever to Bryan Clay. Does he remind you of certain biracial Mugler sex sirens, no?


Guess Who/Truthseeker/Hiding Behind An Alias:

do better...you're trying way to hard, and I bet I know exactly who you are.

But, no mind, you are clearly that desperate and needy that you come here and hide behind aliases to come after me, but don't have the balls to actually SAY what's on your mind about me...

so, keep hiding behind the aliases..it's cute, you know, that I mean THAT MUCH to you that you post after me all the time....TOOTS.

you know you love me. xoxo (c) Gossip Girl

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