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04 August 2008


Mel Smith

Wow. This is really sad news. And who do we blame for this? See, I'll keep it real: I blame the family members of some of these youth being affective with HIV. I also blame the federal government.


There are so many people, places and things to blame. The instantaneous youth culture, the internet, ignorance of history, economics, lack of access to health care, and let us not forget self hatred, homophobia and the black church.

Where do we go from here?


Where do we go from here?

The first place to go is as far away from the church as possible, and towards some people who offer genuine love, understanding, and assistance.


No what is needed is starting today right now is ALL go and get tested and get better. Make better choices in our sexual partners and make wise decisions. We need to take back what was yours at first....knowledge. You should know your status....if you are negative stay negative. If you are positive get treated if you can. Go to states that have free or assistant. This day and age this HIV/AIDS is not a life sentence....you make the choice.


As a person living with HIV, I know what WE can do: be upfront with our partners about our status, practice safer sex and choose not to put people at risk.

I have been positive for 13 years and had to cease going to some places for, um, attention because men were rather adamant that I NOT to use a condom (these places, as we all know, are not generally conducive to long conversations). My friends kept telling me that I should not care, that others had a responsibility to protect themselves. I know that is true but I could not, in good conscience, do it.

Mel Smith

A lot of these kids don't have support from their family members. Therefore, it does not make any sense for us to pretend like that's not the problem. We ignore too many things about us. At least the heterosexual blacks receive love from their family members. Many of us don't.

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