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14 August 2008


Derrick from Philly

I keep hearing that after the Democratic Convention we will see the Obama Campaign go on the attack against McCain and the Republicans. Well, I'm getting very weary. It's time to go after that senile old bastard and the pathetic record of the last 8 years of Republican rule.

Barack's childhood and growing up years should be seen as a plus--a person with a fresh vision of America in the 21 Century. Look what 50 years of BAD American foreign policy has gotten us: hated by the Islamic world. That's the experience John McCain and the Republicans (and most Democrats unfortunately) bring with them. Failure and a short-sighted (almost simple-minded) world view.

Obama has a vision of the world, not just from a North Vietnamese prison camp.

S. Flemming

All I know is he needs to stay as far away from anything tied to that actress chick ... at this rate, she'll be the next Marilyn Monroe.

Chris Holden

Obama has to start hitting back, hard. This is mild to what is coming, as Corsi's disgraceful new book showcases. Obama's 16-page rebuttal is almost scholarly, hardly something which will have traction in taking apart the book and the author.

There's a passion missing in Obama since he tied up the nomination. Maybe -- fingers crossed -- he's waiting for his acceptance speech.

Obama should have leapt all over McCain's comment about Russia and Georgia when he said that nations don't attack other nations in the 21st Century.



Chris, I agree, his nice guy image is going to have to get tough if he really wants to win.

The Swift boat attacks are only going to get worse, even without T Boone Pickens millions that were used to derail Kerry.


Wait, Ithought Ronald Reagan was an actor(a bad one at that) - a CELEBRITY? Why didn't these same hypocrites have a problem wth Ronald - or even Arnold Swarzenegger recently - as a celebrity entering into politics?

Now they're using Obama as some celebrity-lite politician as a smear tactic?

These assholes must really be desperate.

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