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20 August 2008


Jose S

Dayron is muy caliente! What a sexy and gorgeous and incredible athlete. VIVA CUBA!

atl kid

Did you hear Dayron speak on television? So sexy and that thing he does with his tongue. Whoa.

Aussie Mark

Dayron is very sexy and I respect him for taking a stand on human rights in China.

Also I am a new reader here. Love this blog, love the diversity and love the photos. Kudos from down under.


Love the bulge -- unfortunately, the dark blue of the US t&f outfits hide this aspect, unlike the show we got at the US Olympic trials.

-- Steve

Taylor Siluwé

Nice. But w'sup with the glasses? lol I would at least pop in the contacts for the cameras of the world's shutterbugs.

But that's just me.


Careful with your lustful comments fellas.

Any minute now some woman is gonna post an angy message, professing to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Robles is "hetro" because her best friend's cousin's sister-in-law heard a woman at the beauty parlor talk about all the women he's slept with, and therefore he couldn't possibly be gay or bi or even questioning, so back off all you faggots!

Just wait. You think I'm joking.


Excuse me, Taylor? Some (of us) men look good in glasses. It just gives you one more thing to take off.

Taylor Siluwé

LOL. No diss to glasses Bernie (I'm wearing a pair now), I just can't imagine running or being athletic in them -- especially in the olympics. LOL


I think it makes him look sweet and vulnerable.

-- S

A. Ronald

I also love the glasses. He looks very sweet and studious. Like a Clark Kent type. Hmmm.

The glasses are very distinctive, that is probably why he wears them.


i like the glasses. very cute. thanks Rod


What? He's wearing glasses? I hadn't noticed...


Love it. I am going to miss the Olympics when they are over. Such eye candy... delicious....

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