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21 August 2008


Jose S

Dayron Robles is a hero top my people. I love him and his skills. VIVA CUBANA


Dayron es magnifico.

Aussie Mark

Dayron is very impressive. There is the obvious, his superb athleticism and beautiful body and bulge, but if you watch the tele he is extremely well spoken. He is also very outstanding in the New York Times report.

On a related note, it is very fun to watch the tele reports that mention Dayron Robles or Nelson Evora. You mentioned them here first months ago. Just passing along a compliment, mate.

Andrew C

I love the glasses. They are sexy like Clark Kent. And I love his body and bulge. Dayron isn't the most handsome man, but he is sexy ugly. And yes, please stay on top!


Can someone please tell me what happened to America's track and field team this year? They were not good.



i can tell you what happened to the americans. they came in arrogant and assumed they'd win everything without an issue...

and got smoked by other, hungrier, more determined countries who are sick of loosing to the us or tired of the entitlement they have...

so we are getting our asses kicked in events the US normally dominates...

and of course, those americans that are medaling in events where we normally don't win (bronze in women's 10,000m, women's pole vault, potentially the men's and women's 5,000m etc.) are getting sidelined b/c of the idiocy and arrogance of the american atheletes--specifically sprinters.

dropped batons for relays? hello...that's middle school/elementary school drills. EVERYONE runs relay and learns baton passes..no one drops.

and, lauryn williams is a REPEAT offender b/c she was the reason why the americans didnt make it in the women's 4x100m in athens...


come on rod. how about some pics of David Oliver's phine self. Its not like the two americans were slouches either - i guess you just have a thang for that island blood - aint hating (even though I did not see much on usain after his run). just must like the 4-eye nerdy look - LOL - just playing - aint hating

Rod Mc

MDS, That really was a joke.

There have been dozens of American athletes profiled on this blog. Usually my goal is to write about who and/or what is under-reported and identify an upcoming story--such as Evora and Robles months ago--not the same stories and pics you see everywhere else. I like David Oliver and might post something today, but, it's not like he hasn't been covered elsewhere.


ooh MDS: I think you just got snatched by Rod..lol!

truthfully, this is probably the only blog where a)black atheletes will be covered b) HOT black atheletes will be covered and c) where HOT black atheletes from all over the world.

I mean, where else can you go to see pics of Dayron RObles, Felix Sanchez, Rio Ferdinand, Thierry Henry, Walter Dix, Lashawn Merritt, etc.

towleroad.com: no, they don't DO black there..

afterelton.com: ooh, they dont do black either..

outsports: kinda, sorta, NOT REALLY...

so i guess rod is pretty much it for seeing any black athlete...

but, of course, rod isn't up to snuff for you since he has "island flava" right...clearly, a trip in the archives would say other wise, but im sure YOUR search function is broken, right MDS?


Ryan, I don't think the American sprinters came in arrogant or over-confident. Quite the contrary. If you listened to many of the post race interviews, they were well aware of the skills of their competitors, most notably the Jamaicans. All of these athletes compete against one another all the time, so they know who they're up against.

I think the reality is, the US media plants in viewers' minds that the American runner is always the favorite, which is patently untrue. In the build-up to each race, we hardly hear anything about the non-American runners until the moment when they are all introduced. Then when the American loses, the media again presents this as "an upset" because they have sold us on the idea of an assured American victory.

I've been surfing the web and reading Olympic coverage from around the world, Canada, Jamaica, Great Britain to name three. News is refreshingly different outside the USA.


i still like the glasses. I get Larry B. Scott from "Revenge of the Nerds" from him.


um bernie..i dont agree there may not have been an outright "we're better than THEM" mantra...it was there.

at least in the field events and distance races, the americansin those events came to compete and weren't caught up in the hype.

i did feel that spearmon (who is quite arrogant in general..find coverage of him at the trials and many indoor events acting in such a manner) was coming off that way, and a few others.

also, in the sprints, the US has always had a rivalry with Jamaica...

we can agree to disagree and yes those sprinters who didnt win gold or medal were disappointed...but, i dont necessarily feel that they weren't arrogant..many were.

and, now the US head of track and field is insinuating that the jamaican team is "dirty" b/c of Bolt's world record wins and jamaicans sprint dominance right now...


Thanks for the exchange, Ryan and Bernie. I agree with Bernie that many of the US athletes don't seem arrogant; they just underperformed. Or perhaps I should say that they were OUTperformed by a Jamaican team on FIYA. Maybe we peaked too early - the US dominated at last year's World Championships, but some of those key athletes were off their game this year (Gay, Williams, Felix, Richards, etc.).

And Andrew C, you know you wrong calling Robles "sexy ugly!" LOL!!


It has always amazed me how well American track athletes perform, considering how little Americans care for the sport. All of the American athletes spend their summers each year competing in Europe, where track is popular, in order to make a living. If you are a male track athlete, it is so much more lucrative to pursue American football.

I think the Americans did just fine this year. It’s just that there’s a whole other world out there, too, and it gets better with each Olympics.


The reality is, the USA track team did better than all the other teams. We finished with 7 gold, 9 silver and 7 bronze medals for a total of 23, more than our nearest competitor Russia (6/5/7-18). Kenya was third (5/5/4-14) and Jamaica fourth (6/3/2-11).

The sprints and relays are high profile events and get more attention than the others, so the double baton droppings and failures to qualify for finals left the impression we had a down Olympics. But that simply wasn't the reality.


actually, the us sprint team DID have a down olympics..the head of USA track and field has been saying that all olympics...

medal counts aside, the favorites: Alyson Felix, Sanya Richards, Tyson Gay, Jeremy Wariner, the US Men's and Women's 4.100m relay teams failed to deliver this time around. It happens...

Major congratulations to those who DID medal, and didnt get the fanfare they should have...

but, to say they didn't have a down olympics this time around, when all named above were the favorites coming into the games and not one medaled with an individual gold or didnt even make it to the olympic finals of their event (gay), regardless of who was in the field, is laughable.

I'm just saying...if the head of USA Track and Field is saying that he wants to look into how atheletes are training for international competitions, then believe me, he's concerned about the team's performance as a whole BASED on what he saw all this week.

Guess Who

Oh, look an expert!

Mad Professah

Me gusta el Cubano atletico.


Guess Who:

Ooh, look a fan..hay gurl! how you doin?

how is POCC treating you these days? or, are you gagging over those recent bounced checks...

SERVE toots..we want to know about them stamped, bounced checks...were you fanning yourself with them when you watched the track events during the olympic games this week?

were you using them to point out boys you are SO SURE i like cause i supposedly messaged light skinnded muglers at myspace--yet i dont know any?

honey, if you're going to hijack a post, be fierce about it...

this is hella lame..just like your new alias. i like "truthseeker" best cause you were SO searching for "truth" in your posts, right?


Guess Who

Ryan, sugah pie, you don't know me. You just think you know me. But you really need to stop with the lies and drama surrounding POCC. They have NEVER bounced a payroll check. As far as I know. And my sources are HIGHLY PLACED. They also say a certain someone REPEATEDLY sought employment at their offices. thAt explains the hating when you should be congratulating.

Of course you know plenty of light skinned MUGLER BOYS AT MYSPACE. You have save many as friends and IM many others. Keep it real, sugah.

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