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25 August 2008



Daddy Yankee is a fool. He's hot and Rican thug sexy but still a fool. Damn him ...

Greg G

Daddy Yankee is Puerto Rican. They are American citizens and not affected by the immigration bill.


This brave, intelligent young man should be commended. DADDY can be my DADDY any day. He is making the correct decision. His people are family oriented and will vote for McCain.

Jose S

GWM, what "people" are you talking about? That comment sounds like a paternalistic, racist fantasy.


Not only is Daddy Yankee Puerto Rican, according to his youtube page, he lives there and cannot vote in the presidential election.

But it's not like Ludacris supporting Obama, not at all. Daddy Yankee just sings about screwing scantily clad young women and shows a lot of female booty in his videos which according to McCrazy- is a good thing.


That is as sad as Ricky Martin peforming for Bush a few years back.

It is Daddy Yankee's right to back a Republican if that is what he chooses to do, but considering how he is from a REAL ghetto in Puerto Rico, became a father at 17, has very little education, and, well, is a rapper, and if it wasn't for "Gasolina" he would still be selling coconuts just to survive, I am shocked that he would support the Republic agenda. Plus, I guess he isn't well inform on Puerto Rican history and how Puerto Rico has been used but kicked like a dog by the U.S. in years led by Republic presidents.


Andrés Duque

My take:

Andrés Duque

My Take:


Ohhh, please, give me a flippin break already. Is McCain that DESPERATE for votes that he agreed to have Daddy Papi Yankee of all people endorse him? IN PUBLIC? Oh hell no......

Marisol LeBron

I think this endorsement might actually show some interesting divisions along lines of race and class within the "Latino Vote." I just wrote a piece at Post Pomo Nuyorican Homo, about how Daddy Yankee and reggaeton might not jive with some conservative Latinos/as notions of "success" and Latinidad.

Check it out...



Daddy Yankee is a "pop icon"?

I am guessing 99% of Americans could not pick him out of a lineup.

I am surprised this made public news


It made news because 1 it's bizarre and 2 the 'mainstream media' is about as liberal as Rick Santorum is smart. As in not at all.

S. Flemming

Total double standard ... I'm just shaking my head on this one.


Daddy Yankee is an idiot!

There is a proper way for people to become a citizen of the US. You can't just walk your brown azz over here and call yourself an American of the US. This is a law!

F! Yankee.


Fools. Daddy Yankee is an upstanding young God fearing Christian man. He wants to be right with god.


"Daddy Yankee is an upstanding young God fearing Christian man. He wants to be right with god."

Is that why his songs glorify hitting women? Hmm, you and I must have different views on how to honor G-d.

Mel Smith

Tanya, whoever don't support Obama is not a God fearing Christian person?


MEL, you said it , I didnt. But good church going god fearing people are not fooled by the obamadrama. Y'all are cool with me but same sex marriage aint part of god's plan.

And Chris stop the HATE on Daddy Yankee. He has never hit a woman but sometimes these girls like it a little rough.

Frederick Smith

LOL Rod. Put me on blast for my DY crush a few years back :-) But his politics are a total turnoff...



I am not "hating on" Daddy Yankee. Here are some translations of lrics of his songs:

Castígala! [Punish her!]
Dale un latigazo! [Hit her with the whip!]
Ella se está buscando el fuetazo! [She's looking for a lashing!]
Castígala! [Punish her!]
Dale un latigazo! [Hit her with the whip!]
En la pista te voy a dar... [On the dance floor I will give you...]
Yo pal' de azotazos y palmetazos! [...a couple of beatings and slap her with the palm of my hand]

I never stated he hit women. If you read my post, I said his lyrics discussed hitting women.

And what women like it rough? Do you assume that Latinas like it that way?

If so, you really need to meet some of mis hermanas and get your head out of your culo.


Tanya, I think you wanna pick up your bottom lip off the floor.


Republicans won't do anything policy wise in favor of Latino people. It is so apparent that the centuries of anglo supremacy have been successful at convincing nonwhite ethnic groups to align(assimilate) themselves with pale skin whites [since some Middle Easterns are considered white by the US census] as an effort to legitimize their American social standing or status. It is very pathetic that "any" brown skin people, residing on American soil/territories, are willing to abandon their cultural heritage at the sight of the material possessions harbored by a group of pale skin oppressors and perpetrators of racial inequality.

Mel Smith

Tanya, Obama is against same sex marriage. But, you would rather support John McCain because he supports a ban on same sex marriage? That's the reason you would vote for McCain? You don't care that McCain is against Affirmative Action and programs for poor folks, as long as he's against gay rights, that's why you would vote for McCain over Obama?


Chris, what translations of what lyrics? What songs? Why are you such a hater and are making things up? Oh and is it CHRISTOPHER or CHRISTINE?

And what type of people are you with names like "Anti-Believer"? You need to believe in something, young man.

And yes, the latin culture of machsimo teaches their women to expect a strong man. That is why they will vote for Republicans.


"Anti-believer" is just a name...

we all don't believe in something.

thanks for getting off the subject. I know you don't have much to say.

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