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12 August 2008


Taylor Siluwé

This is great news!

On the downside, there are more and more requests for asylum on this basis -- most are undoubtedly true when the home country is Jamaica, Iran, etc -- and unfortunately, this is going to open to the door to abuse of this privlege. I'm afraid many will be turned away because so many who don't really deserve it are going to glut the system with requests to be saved.

Charles W

Very good news indeed. The climate is absolutely horrific for gays in Jamaica.

Not a Fan

This woman was a drug dealer and caught possessing cocaine. She should be deported back home. So we are giving asylum to drug dealer because they are gay? Rod, I used to respect this blog but please come back to your senses.

Mel Smith

You guys see how heterosexuals like to focus on us being gay. I think we should do the same with them. Ex: A HETEROSEXUAL mob attack Two gay people in Jamaica, heterosexual men raped and killed TWO lesbian women, THOUSANDS of HETEROSEXUALS attacked SEVERAL gay men, etc.. I suggest we put the focus on their sexuality and make them look like the cowards that they are, since they always want to focus on us being gay.

Chris Holden

Terrific suggestion, Mel! By flipping this whole issue on its head, the entire POV changes.

If the burden was placed on heterosexuality -- rather than homosexuality -- i.e., heterosexuals are unable to control themselves, heterosexuals are so emotionally insecure about their sexuality (no kidding!) that they have to attack Gays because of their own sexual fears, then heterosexuality is the problem, not homosexuality.

Would that this approach were so ... because, in fact, this approach nails the problem.

Brilliant, Mel!

Mel Smith

Chris, I'm glad you agree with that strategy. I want all the gay rights groups to try using it. Yes, it would make them look bad because they are the majority attacking a minority group. I'm serious, everytime they commit a terrible act against us, the headline should read, 'heterosexual mob attack one gay man,' etc.

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