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12 August 2008



I love Kobe but he is a big ole cry baby.

Taylor Siluwé

That cover is hot to death! who cares if he never sinks another basket .....

A. Ronald

Taylor is right. That cover is HOT TA DEF. You are causing it with these black athletes making Italian magazine covers.


Dayumn. That cover is on fiyah. Kobe is sexy.

Derrick from Philly

I'm sorry. He's too rough for me...according to that white gal at the Denver hotel. Y'all can handle him...y'all hope.

Charles W

Derrick, you ain't gonna worry me, lol.


Kobe is so sexy!!!!


Is that an Italian magazine? So why it's written in Spanish?


Kobe es un grande magnifico. Bello.

Not a Fan

Zzzzzzz. More foreign magazines, more black athletes with multicultural backgrounds. Everything has to be so damned fabulous to get mentioned on Rod 2.0.

Kobe is NOT gay, he is a cheater and ABUSES women. What do you have against NORMAL black athletes like LeBron James or Allen Iverson. You never hear about them attacking women in hotel rooms. I am trying to find reasons to support this blog ....


Okay, Not a Fan, you're becoming a bit much. I'm actually glad to see this post, this is a magazine most of us would never normally find. And that was a joke about Allen Iverson, I believe the police have been called to his home several times on domestic disturbances. Your arguments against each post are not even cogent, you're just a hater.


OMG. Kobe is so sexy. I love me some Kobe beef.


i'm in the minority here. i dont like the cover shot at all. the cheeks sucked in. brown eyes, brown hair (not black). At they look brown to me, maybe it's my eyes. a little too much makeup too.

the other shots are good though.

Kobe isnt one of my favorites. I'll take Chris Paul (or Carl Crawford, Jimmie Rollins, James Blake, Braylon Edwards, Akin Ayodele....) any day over him


The cover is Photoshopped and airbrushed. Kobe is handsome but the his cheekbones are not that high and his eyes are certainly not that light. He looks like a circuit queen.


LOL to CRS that might be photoshopped but have you ever heard of contacts, maybe they made him wear them.Still hot

Miss Jackson If You're Nasty

With those contacts, airbrushed cheekbones and Chanel foundation ... Kobe Bryant is determined to walk the Beijing Ball for FACE. Boyfriend is giving you face and waist on the hardwood. Serve it up, daddy, serve it!

Oh and Not a Fan, you really need to pipe down and celebrate Team USA's success.

Roberto S

These are excellent pictures. Kobe is always fresh and hot ta def. These foreign fashion magazines always give black athletes so much shine. Love it, love it.


I'm a huge Kobe fan. He is very talented, very sexy, speaks several languages and, unlike many black athletes doesn't gay bash. He is serving up some Armani. GO KOBE, GO USA.

A. Ronald

I'm agreeing with much that has been said here. Kobe is already very attractive and is aging to perfection. His game is dropping some but he can always pick that up.

Didn't a Spanish team just offer Kobe $40 or $50 million? Maybe that is why he is on the magazine cover.


hello rod 2.0 i am new to this blog from the lakers forums, thanks for the great kobe bryant pics. I am not a man or gay but you all have a nice blog, i will start checking in.

and yes kobe is the sexiest. wow. look at those eyes and those pictures. i don't think he is airbrushed tho, that is just him, imho. thanks, bye


"or Allen Iverson. You never hear about them attacking women in hotel rooms."

.....Really now!!!!


lol at all these kobe fans - he rats out his own teammate for cheating but kobe goes past cheating - he rapes a women - and then settles out of court for millions - if he was so innocent why did he pay the teenage girl millions? how about non criminals like Chris Paul, lebron james, kg - braylon edwards in the nfl to admire - you know ppl who don't rape women, fued with their teamates and ppl who don't have their coaches write in a book that they think he did rape a girl! no one likes kobe in the nba - just look at how he acts with players at the all star game! he's always all alone! he isn't the best player in the world anymore - the Celtics who were injured embarrassed he and his soft team up real bad - losing by 39 in a clinching game?!! would mj let that happen? hell no!


The magazine is Spanish(from Spain u know..that country in Europe for the dummy americans who think of mexico when they hear Spanish)

kobe from philippines

i love kobe a lot! those who are not feeling good with kobe, you guys better kick ur ass!!!!hahahahaha!!!! kobe is the best!he's the best player in the planet right now!!!

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