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29 August 2008


Derrick from Philly

This is some kind of bizarre dream, and I'll wake up soon-- smiling (no hard-on...I stopped those years ago).

Maybe it's a nightmare for Republicans.


the Dems and Reps are like night and day this time around... so if something happens to 77 old year Mccain, the country would be in the hands of 1 term Governor with .. 5 kids?


Palin is strongly pro-life and gave birth to a child with Down's Syndrome, making her somewhat of a hero to the anti-choice crowd.

Is the anti-choice base still so strong and manipulable in America that such a sob detail would fly? I think they should focus on what her credentials are, and what direction she would take the country would she become president.

And as much as I think the media is going to be in love with her, she still has two full months to to fill up her candidacy to the people. That's far from a given.

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