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18 August 2008



As Obama takes his campaign further and further into Gore and Kerry "centrist = loser" territory I am beginning to despair.

Aravosis and Marshall are complaining today about how the campaign is deflating due to the lack of hard response to McCain's ever-more scurrilous attacks as Obama sweet talks the Christianists and moves ever more to the right, to no avail, according to the polls.

Come on, Obama! Let's see some hard hits against McSame! Give a little red meat to your base, for heaven's sake! Make us care and want to fight for you!

The base and the Democratic congress members are beginning to see the writing on the wall -- I hope your campaign advisors do to before it's too late. The Christianists and Republicans are NEVER going to vote you into office and this seems to be your main battle plan as you kiss their behinds time after time and your poll numbers in their camp never rise a single point while McCain is gaining on you. WTF?

If this is the Obama campaign's battle plan, we are doomed to yet another instance of the Democratic party snatching defeat from the jaws of victory thanks to asinine centrist campaign advisors. Blah.

Mel Smith

Obama want their support. But many of those Evangelical 'Christians' will not vote for him because he's a black man.

Mel Smith

I agree TK.


I for one am very happy about this. I know many Christians are looking forward to an Obama presidency because he is reaching out to a constituency that has not been targeted by the Democratic party since at least 1976 with Jimmy Carter. Go Obama!

Derrick from Philly


I'm hoping you're right (I'm praying that you're right). It may be the smartest move a Democrat has made in years. Not that he'll get many more evangelicals, but he won't be a "boogey man" to them--to galvanize them to come out against him.

The Obama Campaign is not stupid--they had to be prepared for a general election strategy (especially on the issue of race). Let's see what happens at the convention, the vice-presidential choice, and the counter-attack against McCain before we begin the "doomsday" mourning.


And, more and more of a total turnoff to me, as I don't want faith and politics in bed together. But, to be shrewd enough to win, O knows, some of those church hypocrites are going to have to vote for him to win. Even Bush played them for a fool to get a vote.

Rod Mc

I'm all for the Democrats and progressives fighting for faith voters and have long said the Dems should not cede faith voters, or any voters, to the GOP. Actually, I was arguing for more progressive Christian voices last year before many of you began supporting Obama.

Now, it's a "smart move" if Obama and the Democrats can re-frame progressive issues with a faith pov, such as war, HIV/AIDS, universal health care, education, gay rights, discrimination, etc. But if they aren't re-framing the issues, only offering nuances and a wink or a nod, then it's simply pandering. Who knows who will be thrown under the bus to get or keep their votes.

It's very perplexing that many Democrats now say it's smart to ape Republican talking points or issues. The Democrats should be contrasting the differences, not offering Republican lite positions. If Republicans or independents want to vote for a Republican, they will vote for McCain.

the uppity negro

just as a matter of correction, Rev. Otis Moss III is the current pastor of Trinity UCC and his father is Otis Moss Jr. pastor of a church in Cleveland, Ohio.

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