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25 August 2008



I had not been following Diving that closely ( only one of the chinese divers held my interest..the thick masculine one with the nice round butt in the springboard event) but I tuned into this one by chance. As soon as I saw Mitcham I immediately read him as Gay and comfortable so I was not surprised to learn later that he was actually an out gay athlete.
NBC in my opinion did a very poor job in general at these Olympics( they should have carried some events life such as the 100 aand 200m) and a extremely poor job on this event in particular. Seems so out of cahracter to avoid his sexuality when you spend so much time relaying the salacious info on all the heteros


Hmm. There are some definite grey areas here. If Mitcham himself says "Being gay and diving are completely separate parts of my life," then I'm not entirely sure NBC's omission was that off the mark. And there are probably several other media outlets that neglected to mention that detail for many reasons that we may never know. NBC is mainstream. I no longer hold mainstream media outlets to any standard because they could never live up to them.


Not surprising. NBC's Olympics coverage was just horrible. They sensationalized every illness or sexcapade and ignored more socially responsible stories.


Olympics are not appealing to me.

We know when we have bigots in power they take in account their own personal views not the world.


I'm not sure if the fact that his sexuality wasn't mentioned is a real issue. We've heard on other shows that he is gay and we all know he's not the first gold medalist who just happened to also be gay.

S. Flemming

I feel behind on this, ha ha. I didn't even know an openly gay man was competing. As others said, NBC did such a poor job across the board that I guess I'm not that surprised. I'd say just for human interest purposes there could be an argument made that it's newsworthy. What annoys me about things like this is that if he busted his head on the board like Greg Luganis did and was HIV positive, then they would have said something about his orientation. You can bet on it. Sometimes I think the media only want to report on somebody being gay when it is connected to drama and controversy. He seems happy and content, and I think that may have been the problem for them so they just chose to ignore that part of who he is. Kudos to him regardless!


This is off the topic, but did anyone see the ad at right -> for The ONE Campaign. Matt Damon lip-synching Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain's voices (et al). Eew, weird - but for a good cause.


I didn't think it was him, I thought it was the bald Aussie diver who was blowing kisses to the cameras! I love diving, but, gay seems to still be a taboo word with the IOC.

But, hat's off to Mitcham for being who he is, unlike the other Aussie, Ian Thorpe, retired, who dances around his sexuality like a flamenco dancer, which, is his choice as it is with everyone.


Luther: great points...

Ian Thorpe: OOH, HOW YOU DOIN?? dont be jealous and upset that your man crush, michael phelps, stomped your comments in the press to bits and made YOU look dumb as all hell..

which isn't hard to do since thorpe looks like he always has a deer in the headlights stare..or is that stare he gives when he's around wet, musclar, and barely clothed men in the showers at a pool? SNARK!


WHy would they mention that he is gay. Its a sporting event. they dont mention that atheletes are straight so why should they mention that one athlete is gay???


Actually they spend alot of time commenting on str8 relationships...


The fact that they did not mention his orientation should come as no surprise. Also, he is an Australian athlete and most of the indepth personal profiles that were shown were of Americans or of athletes that were the clear favorites in their sports. And let's face it, how quickly would he have been reduced to "the gay diver" by the American public? I'd be more interested in how he was covered in the Australian press.

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