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28 August 2008



Excellent speech. Very moving. It made me send money. I really hope he is our next president.


I am so happy with this speech. If Obama doesn't win now then this country truly is hopeless.


Excellent speech on a historic night. I cried like I lost my dang on mind. It was something I would never have thought to witness in my lifetime......AND on the anniversary of Martin Luther King's speech? Of all days....it's just phenomenal. Blacks, whites, gays, straight, old and young filled that stadium. It was a just simply amazing. I'm bracing myself for November 4th, I think I'm might go into hysterics when Obama becomes the next President of the United States....... :)


it is awesome and we are blessed to be living in a part of history that will be documented forever. where were you when he accepted the nom? he is not only the next president but also the future if this country is to survive and flourish. His line about our community was unbelievable-so pleased!


I was waiting for it. Is Barack gonna mention us? And when he did I stood up, I clapped, I yelled! This morning a young brotha at Starbucks doesn't charge me for my latte. He says 'You're good, you're good'. I'm thinking it's a feeling of pride that is spreading in very unexpected ways.

Derrick from Philly

He had a difficult job to do: re-introduced himself to America (as Senator Bob Casey said, "he's one of us), be positive with his goals for our future, attack the failures of Bush/McCain/Republicans, and remind us of the historical significance of his candidacy--the 45 year anniversary of "I Have A Dream". I watched Tavis Smiley's Show afterwards. Dr Cornell West and another black educator (can't remember her name)weren't impressed. They felt Barack should have paid more homage to Dr King and other Civil Rights figures who sacrificed everything for Barack to be where he is. But this morning the sound bites (from the speech) were fantastic. SlimJim did it the way he had to considering who the speech was really aimed at: white, middle-class America.

Barack's speech didn't flow as smoothly as Bill Clinton's, or as emotional as Senator Hillary's, but I think Barack Obama batted a home run.

The 2008 Democratic Convention was a success. The Republicans can't come anywhere near to topping this. Thank God!

Mel Smith

Obama's speech last night was great.

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