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19 August 2008


S. Flemming

Crazy and scary. Very tragic.

The Baltimore area scares me to no end ... I do all I can to avoid it.

atl kid

This is horrible, but not very surprising. Gang members will kill someone for wearing the wrong color. They absolutely will kill someone for being gay.

Carlos Rodriguez

What an awful awful story. I'm sad this beautiful young man was involved in gangs. He probably joined the gang in order to feel more like a man, so to speak. But he didn't deny being gay when he was asked, bless him. Thanks Rod for going the extra mile as always.


This could have happened anywhere, not just Baltimore. It's very frustrating this boy thought he had nowhere to turn but to the gang. And look what they did to him in the end, the MFers.

Taylor Siluwé

Is there no sense of consequence anymore? Couldn't they just kick his ass and throw him out of the gang if their feeble masculinity needed to be stroked so badly?

Clearly, the victims own choices were way questionable by being in a gang in the first place; but to take such a small matter to this extreme indicates a growing sickness in youth culture.

I saw this great, funny and sad film on homophobia in youth culture in the UK and Jamaica which has its roots in dancehall -- its called Batty Man. Check it out. It's something everyone should see.

Something has to be done about the rising violence against same gender lovers around the world, though I have no idea what.


Are we being too sympathetic for a gangbanger who probably was selling drugs and would kill another young man?


Couldn't they just kick his ass and throw him out of the gang if their feeble masculinity needed to be stroked so badly?

Sorry Taylor, but I wish that were the case. Gang members are in for life. Usually the only way out is death. Sad but true.

And thanks Rod for adding some context and photos to the news stories.

Taylor Siluwé

ACF: We know he was a gangmember and obviously not making the best choices, but not about other stuff. But that's aside from the point anyway.

A high-school boy was murdered because he was gay. That's what I care about in this story. If he was just some average Joe GangBanger we would be talking about it.

When I was 18 I wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer either; let's just say I'm lucky no one bludgeoned and stabbed me to death back then.

Or should I say, my mother and everyone who loves me is lucky.

Brandon: You're right -- in for life. Sad, but true.


May God have mercy on his soul and his family. It is so tragic the EXTREMES we have to take to find a sense of belonging and identity in this world.

Taylor Siluwé

One more thing I found interesting. In that first link, they said:

"Investigators discovered that the victim was a member of a subset of the Bloods gang known as the Family Swans."

Hmmm ... no wonder members were a little guarded about the gangs perceived 'softness'.

Mel Smith

God bless the young man. I think gays should start their own gangs.

Barry S

ACF, no, we are not being too sympathetic. He was killed because he was gay, very simple and very tragic.

A. Ronald

I agree with Brain. If our culture didn't put such a prize to hyper masculine images and behavior, then this man may still be alive. In all likeliness he only joined the gang because he wanted to fit in. I have met many DL gangbangers, they lifestyle seems to attract them. RIP Steven Parrish.


This is crazy because it happened in my area. I'm gay and I know first hand that homosexuality is not accepted in the "gangs" here.


This story is horrible. Sure, the boy made some bad choices but he didn't deserve to die for being gay. He couldn't even be open about his sexuality.


What a beautiful young man.

I'm going to have to agree with brotha Taylor Siluwe. The young man was killed because he was gay. That is a horrible situation, regardless of then situation. We have to undcerstand why he made the choices he did instead of condemning him for having made them. God rest his soul. Another young black gay man is killed.


Three lives wasted. One dead and two on their way to jail for the rest of their lives, where after a period of time, they will gain more knowledge on sex and sexuality then they will ever want to know. Young wanna be thugs quickly become prey to real gang members who have been locked up for a long time, and for what? To prove they are men to bunch of drug dealers, thieves and murders?

Black straight men and the black church are doing a great job at teaching young men about what it means to be a man and christian love. The race is lost...

Taylor Siluwé

Amen freeleo ...

atl kid

>>>>A high-school boy was murdered because he was gay. That's what I care about in this story. If he was just some average Joe GangBanger we would be talking about it.

I want to co-sign everything Taylor said. If he wasn't gay, we still would be talking about this. It is unfortunate Steven Parrish chose to hang with the crowd. But many of us have made similar decisions. The same social pressures drive many young black men to hang with gangs to pretend they are hard enough. I wish him the peace that he could not find in life.


I'm going to disagree with some of you brothers. I'm going to condemn his choice to join a gang. We as black gay men grow up in all kinds of homes. Some of us grew up in gang infested neighborhoods. A lot of us have or had brothers that belonged to gangs, yet most of us managed to avoid them by staying in school, church, or in the house. As soon as we could, we got out of those hoods. This brother joined a gang. It was a bad choice. It cost him his life. You young brothers who are still too young to escape your hoods, be wise and cautious. Use your superior intellect (the gay gene, as I like to call it) to get you out of situations. If you reach out to the right brothers, they will try to help you; not have you..

Make good decisions, practice safer sex, and you increase your chances of having a long and happy life. "In spite of all it's sham and drudgery, it's still a wonderful life."

Carl CS

Freeleo, your comments may not be politically correct but there is truth to your words. This young man made choices. Bad choices. No one is suggesting he had to be out, but he did not have to run with a gang. And the Bloods at that. Blood in, blood out.

Mel Smith

But guys, what's wrong with starting our own groups? Why do we have to always kiss up to the heterosexuals? When you're not wanted someplace, start your own! People would than respect us.



sad, very sad!

Steven should've already known if his gang found out that he was gay, they would've killed him.

I hope these guys get life in jail and plowed like no other!

I understand why people stay in the closet.

Just horrible... I feel for him but he was a gangbanger too!

Damn, talk about a double edge sword!


Anti Believer speaks truth. Steven knew if his gang found out he would be dead. This is yet another reason why black men are forced into the closet.

On another note, I first saw this story at Queerty and wondered why you hadn't posted it yet. Now I see why. Excellent coverage and thanks finding the picture. Steven was a very handsome young man. Bless his soul.

Trevor H

ACF and Freeleo are correct. You join a gang, this is likely to happen. If he wasn't killed for his sexuality, would we mourn him if he were killed in a shootout?

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