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26 August 2008



he lit a fire and i hope it doesn't go out-but grows. so proud of him.

S. Flemming

That was amazing because he didn't even look like he's been sick. I thought he was great.

In a haze of cold medicine I missed Michelle's speech, ha ha, so I'm gonna catch that on the DNC site when I get home later.


Kennedy always has been a champion for all Americans, including gays and lesbians. He always includes us. We are very lucky to have Teddy.

Mel Smith

His support was very needed last night. God bless Ted Kennedy.


God Bless Ted Kennedy. I believe he can see the mountain top..

Derrick from Philly

Some great people reach their greatness when they get older. Ted Kennedy is a great man who came to Denver, and gave a speech last night for a great cause.

J Matt

His speech last night was - by far - the highlight of the evening. Not trying to diss Michelle, but Ted is ailing with brain cancer...and no on, not even his doctors, thought he would make an appearance; especially a speech. He was strong, vibrant, tough and had words of great content. It was definitely a moment in political history.

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