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28 August 2008



McCain and the Republicans are going to respond negatively regardless of what he says or where he says it. I couldn't care any less about their reaction.

What they really can't stand--and the reason they are always trying to spin these large turnouts--is the fact that NO ONE is excited about McCain. NO_ONE, not even Republicans.

He couldn't generate this much enthusiasm or fill a stadium if he lived to be 100, which isn't that far away.


Good point Bernie. But the huge enthusiasm, rock concerts and half billion dollar war chest still leave Obama virtually tied with McCain. It seems the media love Obama much more so than the general population. McCain is the same as Bush and he still is competitive with Obama.

I want Obama to win but am still very concerned.


"Bernie", I might add that Joe Biden is just about the same age as McCain. So are you suggesting Biden "isn't that far away" from 100?

It's kind of hard to call McCain old when the Democrats nominated grandpa to run with Barky.

S. Flemming

Gotta say Travis has a point. Even Tom Joyner commented on this in a recent piece he wrote. He said he is slowly realizing, after attending an event and making his love for Obama known to a lukewarm audience, that not everyone loves him. That is what is not coming across in the media. I like the guy ... and I plan to vote for him. But this wide-eyed adoration is limited to a very small segment of the electorate, as shown in his numbers. I pray he wins, but I'm being cautious with my optimism.

Derrick from Philly

Yes, but Biden doesn't have dementia...yet.


I co-sign with Bernie and Travis, but I'm also concerned about the 'concert' nature of his speech. I give Barack a gold star for not doing it like no one else, simply because he is a candidate like no one else. I know this speech is going to be dynamic and historic, but a lot of folks want to hear the details of his policies. We know he can inspire, but there is a need for more substance. How will he create jobs and keep them from being shipped overseas? How is he going to improve education and make college more affordable? What is his plan for universal health care? Barack, I am so digging you, but brotha I need details! That's what I'm hoping to hear tonight.


Touche Derrick. LOL

Rod Mc

GWM, point taken. But play nicely and no offensive nicknames. Rod 2.0 supports the Democratic nominee.

Oh, and everyone else, no offensive nicknames for McCain. ;)


I agree with Lavenderpop. It's great that Obama is doing different things and there is so much enthusiasm. But the rock concert/revival nature of his events is a little troubling. The voters he has the most problems with could care less about a huge concert. They want to hear how he is going to solve the foreclosure crisis.


this is such a bad idea.

he should have stayed in the actual place where they are having the convention...

moving it to a stadium? damn..he's not really getting it...im with david.

the voters he needs to target dont give a damn if scarlett johanson (sp?), george clooney, etc. sweat him and they damn sure don't care if he's talking to 75,000 people in a football stadium.

they want to know how he's going to fix the mortgage crisis; they want solutions and/or plans about the economy improving and jobs coming BACK....

and they want to be able to RELATE to him in the process...giving a speech in a football stadium isn't going to do that.

yet, "geritol mccain" is going to be here in western pa, speaking to folk at some random town hall/steel mill.

mccain is NOT and, i pray, will NOT be america's next president...but, the strategies he's employing to get the voters is what obama SHOULD be doing..PERIOD.


What I saw tonight was not a rock concert.

Yes, there were elements of the it which were, shall we say, lavishly grandiose, and the use of columns that supported the giant screens made Obama look at times more like an emperor than a presidential candidate.

But think of it this way: America is in a deep political, social and moral crisis at the moment..one just had to look at the faces of the people to understand that such a solemn and emotional show IS necessary to reinforce the voters' spirits, whether they'll support Obama or not.

We have to remember that a country is not just the politicians, but the people. Like Obama said, "the election had never been about me, but you!".

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