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25 September 2008


Derrick from Phill

Whores of Babylon...with big bellies, and probably small ugly dingdings.


Bishop Harry Jackson is a took. He is pimping out black churches to the Republicans and now pretends he is not a Bushie. Derrick is right. Beware of the wolf in lamb's ... I forgot the saying but you know.


Lol, Derrick you are too much. It's a shame many in the Black church hold on to the handful of scriptures that allegedly pertain to homosexuality. There is a lot of scholarship out there to put these passages in context, but that knowledge hasn't reached many of our folks. The Bible has a lot more to say about heterosexual behavior, greed, and treatment of the poor, but those issues aren't as hot as goin' after the queers. This Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve theology really needs to sit the hell down.

Doug Cooper-Spencer

This is when black people who disagree with those ministers need to speak up. We can't let the title of ministers intimidate people who might disagree with them. Some years ago, here in Cincinnati, a small group of gay black men took a stand against a prominent black minister/city councilman (I was one of those gay black men). People gasped when we publicly stood against him in front of his church. Results: he backed down from a proposal he had put before city council that reaked of homophobia once the media sided with us. We have to break the silence. Ministers don't have the final say in matters.


god bless

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