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09 September 2008



cute but....

is noah's arc even relevant anymore? a movie? why? who's going to see it?

shouldn't this be a LOGO or straight to dvd release?

im missing the point...do they even have enough of a demographic/audience to even MAKE a profit in the movie theatres?

*scratching head* the show was piss poor in regard to writing and the very uneven acting...


Yea, that ship sailed long ago. Rod, even you weren't recapping the second season.

I'm sure this will be MFTV or straight to DVD.


Good call, Ryan.
Will they have a demographic to make money on this movie?


I'm interested to see what the plot will be and the resolution to some of the conflicts. But agreed, in retrospect, the writing was poor, it was a novelty show.

Allen H

So who is getting married?

Derrick from Philly

Atwood, Stephens & Vincent: absolutely beautiful!


Me and you Allen H...lol


The reason I feel this movie is relevant is because of the subject matter. Not everyone saw the tv show, but the fact that there is a movie that focuses on BLACK GAY MEN getting MARRIED makes it relevant. How many movies are out there about DL men? Many, with variations. How many are out there with the Black gay guy as the butt of the jokes or a small side character? Many, ie, prison, hair salons, and other types. How many are out there that shows Black gay men actually loving one another openly and wnats to get married, and does? None. That is what makes it relevant. It is the idea and the concept of Black gay men loving one another openly and actually not on the DL, and wanting to get married, that needs to get out into the public consciousness. This is what makes it relevant. It not just for, nor about "us", Black gay men. It is about something much bigger. That is what makes it relevant.


Good comment, Bill.


i assumed this movie would be released in select theatres (chi, la, ny, atl) and GLBT film festivals.

i'm looking forward to seeing it, but most likely on DVD


Its odd how negative haters pounce so quickly on the comments. It's like they lie in wait, and their "back" buttons don't work.

"Noah's Arc" wasn't for everyone: it was full of queens and often had problematic acting. But it was us, it was a first step breakthrough, and I loved that silly little show. Maybe some of the geniuses up there ^ can just TRY getting a show past Viacom, BET or Disney.

Jeez, it's like some of us aren't used to seeing ourselves on screen. Homophobia isn't limited to straight people.


um seahawk:

try again...clearly you dont have The DL Chronicles, you didnt watch The Wire

did you see 413 Hope Street, etc. these shows had portrayals of black gay men and were--more or less positive...

additionally, JUST because it's about black gay men doesnt mean we can't question the quality of the show..

Noah's Arc was a lame rip off of Sex And The City and a tired rip off at that...

and um, NO ONE wants their new show to end up on BET or didn't you realize that OTHER NETWORKS are more important than BET

and Viacom is conglomerate that owns a lot of networks, BET included--and BET isn't even anywhere NEAR their priority...

but, seahawk, that's ok..keep thinking that people CARE about BET.

the fact is: Noah's Arc appeals to a VERY SMALL segment of a demographic that isn't even recognized by the film and tv powers that be...

how is this film going to work for progressive white folk who are adventurous to see it? what about straight black people who never saw the show but heard about the film through friends?

how is THAT film going to appease EVERYONE and still make a profit?

if you can't explain and improve upon the MANY and VARIED mistakes in the storylines and plotting of that show, why would people want to see it?

and where is it going to show? NYC--maybe for a week or so and the only people who will see it are probably friends of the cast and crew, not anyone else...

but you right seahawk, we is so negative about a tv show that virtually NO ONE watched or even remember--from THREE years ago.

try that on for size, ok?

C. Baptiste-Williams

Does released nationally mean released in 1 theater in major cities like Maurice Jamal's Dirty Laundry??


LOL @ C. Baptiste
That was a good one.


LOL @ Maurice!

S. Flemming

I enjoyed Noah's Arc and can't wait for the film ...


C. Baptiste.....LOL!!!!!
I suppose you have a point. One theater per city is considered "nationall" for a independent film such as this. I can't imagine this being released in Texas or South Dakota.


OMG... can't believe there so man haters. I've been following Noah's since the very beginning.. actually with Ian's first movie "Punks", which was released nationally, i saw it right here in Austin, Texas. Noah's Arc should actually do better, because allot of people are family with the show. Gay / Straight they all love love. i'm sure it would be better that watching a straight / Homophobe person attempt to tell gay story.. ala "Cover" .... if you not going see to Noah's arc that's fine.. but why hate on it? if you want to give feedback, see the movie first then write a review. I'm glad someone is making an effort to create a movie about black gay men, ya know. maybe if more people supported it. more of these types of movies will be made. again.. if it's not your cup of tea, then move on to the next article.


its not hate or shade..people are allowed to be critical of a show and something that was so hyped like Noah's Arc and it didn't deliver on many fronts...why should be siked about a movie coming out--knowing the drama behind the scenes?

just because its made by a black gay man, has gay themes, an da predominately black cast, doesn't mean i should support it. if i didn't feel that the show spoke to me and was turned off the writing,t he acting, the plotting, i'm allowed to not support it.

so hate, no. realness in critique and disappointment in what SHOULD have been a decent show and had the potential to be but wasn't because the writing wasn't improved upon, and it seemed like the show was set up to be sacrificed by a fledgling network (LOGO) that never cared about our demographic (black and black LGBT folk) in the first place....

i could care less. if it makes money, great--people support it and that's fine.t hat will allow another black LGBT filmmaker to be that much more determined to get his or her film out there...

but, i dont think the show was quality or decent during its run, i dont have to support it also. And, I can be vocal about it here or anywhere else I want to be.


Contrary to the negative opinions stated above, I'm excited about this film. I agree with Blkpoetx- why hate? It's as if we black gay men don't want to see a gay black movie in theaters. Instead of questioning who the audience is for a film such as this, why not BE THE AUDIENCE? Go see it and support it & tell all your friends about it. Who's the audience for a movie like this? WE ARE! If we can spend money at events like pride in ATL or San Juan or buy the latest Louis Vuitton, certainly we can spend 12 bucks on a film. I'm sure plenty of you have supported Miss Tyler Perry's work- although somewhat fun, his films hardly qualify as Oscar contenders. So regardless of what you think of the quality of the product, how many times have you gotten the opportunity to see black gay men loving each other on a big screen? Even 'Dirty Laundry', which had a very small one-city one-screen release didn't really show black men loving each other (there was an interracial gay relationship and they didn't even share an onscreen kiss!). DIRTY was an okay (good but not great) movie, but the chance to see a storyline with a major black gay character was rare- so I made sure to go support by seeing it in the theater. So hate on the NOAH series if you must, but you cannot deny the significance of this show. If only all those who choose to sit behind their computer screens at home and lob insults would actually put their money where their mouth is and go see the film, I think we'd see a lot more of these kinds of projects. Money talks, people. Instead of criticizing, be part of the movement to improve our situation and bring about real change. When Obama first started his campaign, I'm sure there were plenty of black folks who sat around saying, "a black man will NEVER be President"- and look what happened. I'm not trying to over-inflate the importance of a movie, but on the pop culture landscape NOAH'S ARC- love it or hate it- is a significant achievement. And Black gay men loving each other ON THE BIG SCREEN? Good or bad (and I'm hoping for good), I'll be first in line at the theater with as many friends as I can drag along with me. By the way, the movie's website (noahsarcmovie.com) says the film comes out October 24th. I can't wait!


I am looking forward to seeing it. I enjoyed the show and as a straight female am intelligent enough to understand that this is a segment of the community just like I know Boyz in the Hood didn't represent all Black People.

For someone like me - it allowed me to peek in comfortably to a world I don't live in on the day to day. I'm not walking away saying ooo 'they' all like that.

I'm mad that I'll have to go see this alone.

Glad, however that I live in the ATL so I hope it comes here.


good for you, sean. im glad you support.

but, stop making assumptions--im a black gay man, and i have NEVER supported Ms. Perry (knowing full well he stole Medea from a drag queen working the circuit in Atlanta).

And, every black gay movie, or movie with well written and developed black gay characters, i've supported. plain and simple.

but, i think i'm allowed to--as everyone else--to voice their opinions about the show...and the movie.

I don't think Noah's Arc has ENOUGH to have been expanded into a movie..when a simple LOGO movie could have wrapped up all the storylines from the "aborted" second season.

I'm starved for three dimensional black characters, gay or straight. and it's rare to find them on th big screen.

But, I feel that Noah's Arc doesn't have them and won't have them in the movie. And, that's fine.

Honestly, I hope the movie does make money...but, I am not impressed enough to want to fork over my money to go see it.

That's just me...i'm sure others feel differently. But, that's me.


Of course you're entitled to your opinion Ryan and more power to you. But when it comes to black gay projects, I'm of the opinion that there just aren't enough of them for me to be choosy. I'm not particularly interested in stories of the down-low or DL phenomenon- they just don't interest me personally. But I made sure to support DL CHRONICLES and purchase the dvd because I know if that show succeeds, it'll make it that much easier for another gay black project to get made. And 15 bucks for a dvd is a small price to pay if it encourages other networks/studios/companies to produce more shows with black gay subject matter.

I long for the day when there are so many black gay projects that I can pick and choose which ones I want to support, but until that day comes, I'll be supporting all my black gay brothers and sisters.

And for the record, I thoroughly enjoyed the NOAH series. I found the storylines fun, sexy and romantic. I found their HIV plotlines inspiring, informative and necessary. And I like that it showed black gay men with careers, businesses, families, friends- living full lives. I know some criticize the show as being "too flamboyant", but again I disagree- the show had everything from the feminine Noah to the not-so-feminine Wade. And everything about the show improved episode to episode and season 1 to season 2.

To each his own, I suppose. But I support all gay black projects because I want to encourage more More MORE of them to be made.


Sean and Blkpoetx I agree with you both. DL Chronicles was a story to story base line. It was not a personal series where you get to know the characters each week. I LUV both series and purchased all DVD's. Now the acting was a tad off but not bad! I just hope the ones who are disliking Noah Arc will still show support and still go or enjoy the movie. Oh by the way I saw PUNKS in Austin TX and it was only here for two weeks and I went a total of two times! Why? Because I went to accompany my friends!

Derrick from Philly

Thanks, Sean: very eloquent critique of Noah's Arc, and what the show meant to many black gay folks.

Patrick Ian Polk is a brilliant film/tv film maker. It amazed me how he was able to have such superior production quality (set design, lighting, camera work, use of music, etc) on the budgets he must have had to work with.

People called the characters stereotypical, especially Noah & Alex. I wish folks would look up the definition of stereotype before they use the word. Once you develop an understanding of, and interest in a character, and the character has a personality-- then he is no longer a stereotype. He is "developed", or else you wouldn't have any interest in what he has to say or what happens to him.

I believe that Darryl Stephens has the potential to be a major presence in Hollywood films and TV--not a Will Smith, but maybe on the level of a Paul Winfield. I wish him luck.

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