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09 September 2008


The 411

JOSE, the only "theater" where you will find this "movie" is your HOME THEATER once it arrives "STRAIGHT" TO DVD.

Now, "CJAY", please answer the question. How could you possibly say that is not Patrik Ian Polk? What do YOU know that we don't now? I think you are upset you made a Freudian slip about **INTER RACIAL LOVE**

Answer, please, girlfriend. In whichever name suits you best.


This is a "Niche" film and will be shown to a very specific audience in very specific theaters. If it does well for even a week, it will then spread out to other cities. This is not a 'mainstream' film. This is not Titanic, or Batman, or Malcom X or High School Musical. Surely this is clear and the industry is aware of this. This film is happeneing because of the notice the show started getting before it was shut down. So many people inundated Logo with angry emails and support for the show, that they had to do something. That is the power of the people.

However, I will continue to applaud the fact the Mr. Polk's Noah's Arc is the ONLY Black gay product to go from festival circuit, to television (and for 2 seasons, when a lot of shows these days only lasts 1 or 2 episodes), to the movie screen. The fact that that could even happen for one of us, is an accomplishment in itself.

This is what is meant by "The Cause". Instead of the "crabs in the barrel" syndrome going on, why not give soomeone their due, find out how it was done and then we all march forward to continue this happening? Again, if you don't want to support this film, that's fine. But why not hate the game and not the player.


Yes, the "niche" will be found on the "straight to dvd" shelf at Blockbuster!

Look, everyone who disagrees with something is not a "hater". Patrik put his show out there and we have a right to have an opinion. Just like Patrik has the right to have a white boyfriend ("producing partner") at premieres, we have the right to express our opinions on his work.

Black folks are sometimes very silly and believe we all monolithic and must agree on everything. Anyone who doesn't like something is a hater. That's very immature.


People are very passionate about thier opinions.


Again, hate the game and not the player. People have the right to their opinion, just like people have a right to date who they want. Again, hate the game, not the player.

I'm all for not liking certain products regardless of who produced it. Will I let people know the product is out there if I think it will help our people, yes. Will I spend $12-$15 on a product I don't like if I think it will help create other products I may like, yes. Again, hate the game, not the player. As mature adults we are all aware we don't like the same things, and don't have to. However, one must be able to tell the difference between hating the game, or the player. That clarity for some are not there. I personally do not, and would not ever, care whom Polk sleeps with nor dates. All I do care about is supporting those who can get our images out into the public consciousness, in a way that does not demonize us as down low, women killing, aids carriers. If people know of films that are/were shown in a mainstrean theater that accomplished that (other than the recent Dirty Laundry) let me know, so I can purchase it/them.


A movie with a black gay theme is coming out and all some black gay men can talk about is whether the writer/director, Patrik, has a white boyfriend or not. What does Patrik's boyfriend status have to do with whether the movie is any good or not?

Somebody else says, in comment after comment, that he will absolutely NOT pay to see the film. Appalling! I thought that the reasonable thing to do is wait for the movie to come out, see the movie and THEN offer a critique/share your opinion (if you must). How can anyone decide that the movie is no good before they even see it?

I can understand why some black gay men might decide that it is NOT in their best interest to be intimately involved with a black gay man: we black gay men are often too hard (to the point of being irrational, even psychotic) on each other. If Patrik has a white boyfriend, MORE POWER TO HIM. I hope his movie does well. The movie will not be opening in my city on 10-24-08, so I won't be seeing the movie opening weekend but I wish Patrik the VERY best.

Patrik: When you created Noah's Arc the TV show several years ago, you did something no black gay man had done before you came along. Ignore those black gay men who seemingly are out to bring you down to their (small minded, petty and stupid) size and keep doing your thing.



that's quite impassioned of you..did patrik tell you to write this..or is another one of CJ/Sean/Benjamin/Tomboy's aliases??

Work the "shade tea" if it is...

Barry S

Bill you raise a good point or two. There are not enough images of black gay men and we should support movie and books that showcase our community. I for one will want to see this movie or DVD or tv movie. I will support it.

But I do question why some of us in our community call someone a "hater" if they have criticism or don't like it. Shade Tea has a poinrt too, Noah Arc was not everyones "cup of tea."

I will still see the movie and hope it does well, but the script and acting left much to be "desired."

Rod Mc

"Shade Tea", ELG is a veteran commenter in good standing.

Noah Fan For Life!

Well! It's about time you jumped in here, Rod!!

I am so very glad that you defended a fellow Noah's Arc fan! From the unscrupulous attacks of Shade Tea! And other Noah's Arc haters!

Maybe after 100 more comments you will speak up again!

The 411

Why so quiet "CJAY"? Cat got your tongue?

Perhaps you will be more talkative if I post the link to the MySpace and Facebook pages that show PLENTY of pictures of "PATRICK" and his all-white WeHo crowd.


Rod: oh ok, just assumed that this was one of the ms. patrika's, i mean, patrik's aliases since there seem to be so many on board here. :)

The411: ooh, post the links you should...I mean, since that was a thread in this post, i say post away and let HAVE.

Noah Fan for Life

Shade Tea has lost her marbles! Mr. Patrik Ian Polk is much too busy and much too classy! Mr. Polk is a true artist creating something for us and by us!

Please stop poisoning this blog with your hateration!!


Shade Tea: Patrik doesn't know me from the proverbial man in the moon. We have never met or communicated. I have lived all my life in a medium sized city in Ohio.

I have no knowledge of any "aliases". I'm not even sure what you meant by that.


Noah's Arc Fan For Life: ms. polk, why be concerned about my "hateration" if your film is going to be such a "hit"?

I'm just expressing my opinions in this post and about the matter...

I am neither here nor there in regard to the release of the movie..your "film" will be competing with larger, MORE higher profile films, and to be honest, several of the films mentioned that are coming out on the same day wont make big bank at the box office...

what makes you think yours will shine through? How are you going about ensuring that people come out and support in ALL cities PAST the first weekend?

I'm seeing all this support, but are the girls really going to step up? Knowing full well that WE don't no matter how much "promotion" is put out online and some scant blurbs in select papers that "those in the know" will read and talk up...

All of the drama you and your multiple aliases is giving is SERIOUSLY turning me off to seeing it when it comes out next month...

Noah Fan for Life

Shade Tea...Go to h-e-l-l.

Was that artistic enough for ya?

Timothy B

Thank you Noah Fan!

there are many fans of Noah and Wade who do not appreciate "shade" of any type!

Timothy B

and go to where the sun don't shine Shade Tea and 411. if you dont want to support the movie, dont ruin it for those who do!


Timothy B/Noah Fan For Life: um, ms. polk--upset much?

Clearly, what I said to you upset you...

oh well..get over it. you have a month..maybe you can work out those 'editing' kinks for the 'movie'

work that toots...wait, did you say that as ms. william morris agency?

i'm sure the 'movie' will make MAJOR COIN that weekend..more than enough to cover that 'extensive' online promotion budget you have and time spent in the 'editing suite' for the film...

no shade noah arc fan/multiple aliases, etc. get that coin for the nyc screening especially, you KNOW the NYC girls SET IT in terms of buzz factor for a film...

Timothy B

Ohhh. ShadeTea sure told me! Such a fierce read! [GIGGLE]


ooh, did y'all see the promo for Noah's Arc: Jumping The Broom during Shirts and Skins (LOGO is PROMOTING this..daamn! What, is there going to be a team orgy on the basketball court after practice in one of the episodes? sheesh!)

But, i have a question about the 'movie' promo: can deleted scenes from season 2 noah's arc episodes be considered 'a trailer'?

discuss...the girls want to know!


Logo has posted the opening theatres... Patrick has poste the official trailer.. Rated R. I don't expect to see the trailer on major network...but I am sure the buzz will get out.

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