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09 September 2008


Allen H

So let me get this, umm, straight. The "movie" "opens" in about a month, Logo has said nothing, there is no press, nothing at IMDB, no release schedule ...

Okay, I was wrong in believing this would not happen. Clearly something is happening. But a theatrical film? I don't think so. Perhaps a buildup for a made for tv movie. But even the tv series had decent publicity. This doesn't make any sense.


Allen H:

BINGO! you just answered the 65 million dollar question!

what will you win? A LOGO "theatrical" film 24 october 2008 which has NO BUZZ, no PUBLICITY (most films come out with interviews and ads a month in advance)

looks like you're onto something, allen!


Just remember it took a lot of playing mammys and maids on tv to get to the tv show Julia, Ms Diahann Carroll, the first tv show with a black main character, who was nurse and not a stereotype, that was not a supporting player with a white person. Seeing our Black, gay faces on tv (or the movie screen)is in evolution. Many Blacks hated the mammys and maids characters, especially since we were doctors and lawyers, as well as mammys and maids, but supported them because it was always for "the cause". We as Black, gay men can hate the product, but should support "the cause". How does the evolution/revolution begin so that we can get from no visibility to abundance to choose from, regarding "Our" images, if there is no support for "the cause". Everything is not for everyone, but we need to remember that when we complain about a lack of our images, positive images of Black gay men loving Black gay men who are not in prison, on the dl, in the closet, ect., ask yourself "How am I working towards a solution?"



your points are valid, but we don't have to support everything that comes out that's for us if that product isn't decent...

can you say this for spike lee's early films, when folk didnt support him? charles burnett? carl franklin? julie dash? cheryl dunye?

kasi lemmons? all black directors who put out QUALITY black films--many of these with well developed black LGBT characters and black folk didnt support them...

did you support when Rodney Evans came out with Brother to Brother a few years ago? I did...despite its flaws, it was a VERY strong film that was for us, BY US..and no one supported it when it ran the festival circuit and was showing in LA, NYC, DC, Atlanta, Chicago, etc.

as for how i'm working towards a solution...i work with a large collective of filmmakers of color across this country--all of us banding together to get our respective and collective projects out...plain and simple.

and i'm also supporting every DECENT black film that comes out..but, i'm also allowed to put my dollars towards films of my choosing. just because its black and/or black and gay doesnt mean i have to support it. plain and simple.

what are you doing that's working towards a solution?


Wow! I've never seen so many comments on this site, lol. Cool that there's a dialogue, but why so much negativity? What I really don't get is if you obviously hate this show and have no interest in the movie, then why keep coming back leaving more and more nasty negative comments? It's perfectly fine if you choose not to spend your money supporting something that you don't believe in or enjoy, but must you go out of your way to tear it down for those of us who do like it? Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but even you guys who clearly have no love for this show have to admit that its success only opens doors for all the other gay black filmmakers out there trying to get their work produced and shown in front of a significant audience. Patrick Ian begets Maurice Jamaal begets the DL Chronicle guys, etc...So even if you choose not to financially support this, how about refraining from the public bashing. There's room for a lot more exploration of black gay subject matter, and if this movie succeeds, it'll only make it that much easier for the next black gay filmmaker to get his/her stuff out there. Ryan, as a person who claims to be working to get film projects of color out there, surely you get my point, right?
So give it a rest, guys. It's just a movie. If you don't like it, don't see it. But all this haterade doesn't do any of us any good. :-)


i get your point, CJay.

But, i'm also entitled to comment at a message board where I see fit. and none of my comments are negative..im expressing my point..it's not my fault that other people are taking it personally.

i'm not supporting the film when it comes out, others will. okay...no need to call me and every other poster here who isn't supporting this or has major reservations about the film coming out with disrespect.

look at the other comments from th so-called "positive" folk here, as you put it. don't see a lot of positivity there, do you?

But, I feel that I should be able to comment whereever I choose...plain and simple.

And, I do understand your point about what this could mean for filmmakers of color--LGBT ones speicifically, if Noah 2 is a "blockbuster".

But, I also know how that success WON'T translate for ALL either..and most folk will still be struggling to get their work made.

Now, it press came out ABOUT who was handling distribution of this film into the markets its going to next month, then i'd be interested...cause no major film distributor or their indie arms (think fox searchlight, rogue pictures, etc.) has this on their schedule.....so, i'm just as curious as everyone else is how this willbe done since nothing has been said about this movie coming out 24 october 2008: no pre-release interviews, no early buzz trailers or posters, etc.

I haven't even seen a commercial on LOGO for it..what's up with that?


So then your reaction is more skepticism? i don't get it. you have no interest in this film, but then you're questioning the distribution plans? Okay, I'm scratching my head now. But it's all good. I guess it's more academic for you?

And i didn't mean to single you out Ryan- there were much more negative and even nasty personal attacks from some of the other posters. Yours was just the most recent and the fact that you mentioned you work with filmmakers caught my attention...you get my drift.

But I can't believe MTV-Logo would trumpet this as a theater release if they had no plans to do so. As for the lack of press, have we ever seen Noah or any gay black projects (DL Chronicles, Dirty Laundry, etc.) get a ton of major press? As I recall, even the mainstream gay press (Advocate, Out, etc) pretty much ignores black gay shows. So I'm not at all surprised to not see a barrage of pre-release publicity. But if you google the movie, there is some press out there, including a recent interview with polk and atwood & some Atlanta reporter on youtube.

But Oct 24th isn't too far down the road, so i suppose time will tell and all will be revealed lol. Stay tuned. And let's reconvene here in the comments section next month to discuss how it all shakes down. :-)

I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for the best. Anything that encourages the powers-that-be to tell more of our stories is a good thing as far as I'm concerned.


no its easy to understand...

i dont support the movie at all. but, ANY movie that comes out in theatres has distribution, promotion, etc.

im questioning that..can we even say its comingout for sure when nothing, if little has been put forth about the film?

and, i'm sure there is press...but, everyone knows that, unless your film isn't mentioned in one of the MAJOR papers: LA Times, New York Times, Villagevoice (probably THE go to source for movies, imho), etc. then no one knows about it.

i know a couple people who work in the industry who are gay, and who are fans of the show..neither one knew a movie was coming out and they are MORE clued in about what's coming out and what will come out in regard to movies...mainstream, indie, or straight to dvd...

i asked about the distribution because that came up in my convo with them...

like i said before, im all for US getting ours....but, i'm not supporting this film because i personally don't feel it will do anything to promote MORE struggling black LGBT filmmakers--since that seems to be the belief going on in this thread....

but, others can support..i wont.


We get it, Ryan. You're not supporting the film, lol. No need to keep repeating the mantra.

But your point is well taken about the press thing. Like I said, time will reveal (nod to DeBarge, lol). But after your noting the lack of press, I did a little more google digging. The film was mentioned in both the LA Times and NY Times this past Sunday (Sept. 7th) in their October calendar listings, as well as the Associated Press' Fall/Holiday movie schedule. Not MAJOR press I suppose, but hopefully this bodes well and the film will actually hit theaters. When they first made the announcement about the movie, I was very skeptical that it would ever be made- but I'm happy to have been proven wrong. Guess we'll know soon enough when it hits theaters...or not.


I've been reading all these posts..spirited as they are...

but, i really don't know what the deal is...

was Noah's Arc even THAT fierce when it was a show? Let's get real here: the show wasn't decent AT ALL..the writing never improved nor did the performances, yes they showed feminine gay men more prominently than masculine gay men...fine.

but, at the end of the day, the show is forgettable. I get the whole we need to support because its done by a black gay man, but even you ALL have to admit...the lot of you weren't feeling this show when it was on...

I mean, are you really going to support it or are you just here because you went to patrick ian polk's myspace page and he TOLD you to come here and post? if he hadn't, would have even cared? be realistic and truthful.

Many of you are saying that we need to support this, etc. what about other black filmmakers? are you GOING to support Spike Lee's The Miracle of St. Anna? Gina Price Bythewood's The Secret Life of Bees? did you see Sanaa Hamri's Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants 2? have you ever gone to an urbanworld film festival? what about tyler perry's latest?

these are all relevant questions that many of you AREN'T thinking about OR answering...we need to be supporting ALL black filmmakers...because if sanaa hamri and the like dont get decent box office receipts, then patrik and every other black LGBT filmmaker with a film out wont either...

at the end of the day, we support ALL, NOT ONE. and THAT is the bottom line.

The black community ISN'T monolithic at all..we have differing viewpoints, etc. and how you treated those who didnt agree with the thread of this post is pathetic. You want people to support this film, but you can't even SUPPORT people's right to vocally express their questions of the film and why they don't support it. calling people all kinds of names b/c they don't is immature.

And, I'm not expecting this movie to do MUCH at the box office...why? a) it's been three years since the show ended b)the storylines were paper thin to begin with c) how will stories left dangling in the show be addressed? d) are people going to care enough to even WANT to see this? knowing that black folk NEVER support their own..PERIOD.

I expect to get destroyed over this. But, I'm just expressing my opinions..which everyone else here is doing too. Just remember that we ALL have a right to be at the table..you can't push others away because they DON'T want the same things you want to eat..so to speak.

and, is it me, or are A LOT of these posts coming from the same person? Ms. Patrick Ian Polk--you SURE DO have a LOT of time on your hands? You could be out doing a VIRAL marketing campaign for the movie...Did you tell LoveBScott.com about the movie? Cause THAT is free press right there?

Or, is LoveBScott TOO.MUCH.FOR.YOU and not in your circle? if not, he needs to be you want people to come...get an interview with Love B.


Hey Relevant: I can't speak for all, but me personally, I absolutely support most black film that comes out. I can't wait for Spike's movie, which if the buzz is correct is going to be a real Oscar contender. And i luv luv luv Gina Prince's work- and this BEE movie is right up my sentimental alley. I even see Tyler Perry's movies- even though they have often disappointed in terms of the quality of the writing/directing. And believe it or not, I took my little nieces to see Traveling Pants 2 and loved it so much I rented the first one from Netflix. But you forget the important fact that this is primarily a blog that highlights issues of importance to the BLACK GAY community. So I don't think anyone's taking issue with the idea of supporting these other "hetero" black movies. It's not an either/or type thing. But this thread was about a black gay movie, so...

And no one's disputing anyone's right to have and express their opinion. But it is also a valid idea to suggest that by supporting black gay projects when they come out (and let's face it, they are few and far between), we can encourage more of these films and tv shows to be produced. I say criticize all you want, if that's what you want to do. The personal attacks I think are silly, serve no real purpose except axe-grinding (as someone stated earlier) and don't advance the intelligence of the dialogue. But the idea of encouraging more gay black projects by supporting the few that actually get made is certainly also worth discussing.

And Mr. Polk, if you are reading this- brush off the hate and keep doin your thing. There are plenty of us who appreciate you and the other black gay directors out there making it happen.

And much love to B. Scott! That dude is hilarious! Loved his jensen atwood piece and especially his Marcus Patrick interview (be still my heart!). I hope he does something on the movie.

Stay up, people.

The 411

"And Mr. Polk, if you are reading this ..."

Yes of course you're reading this PATRIK. I also suspect YOU are posting under different aliases. I mean seriously, girl, who else would promote and defend this project so munh? Not even your corporate bosses at Logo are promoting this alleged "theatrical film."

Now, you want to talk about "supporting" the community. Look at the the post above. There is a big fat ad for TORCHWOOD DVDs. To the right there is a big ad for WILL & GRACE, another for D&L CRONICLES and others for freakin' Blackberry and Toyota. That's SUPPORT, cookie!

Now, I could be wrong, but I have read this site for about two years and NEVER saw an ad for Noah's Arc here. Never saw the cast members interviewed here but they popped up at all the generic blogs. Very odd seeing this is top black gay spot. An oversight on Logo's part? Or was there SHADE involved?

Cuz those of us who know PATRIK can TALK ABOUT WHO and WHAT he beleives he should support! Now get into that realness, cookie!


411: What shade is going on at LOGO about PIP's "movie"? do tell....


As I stated before, it is important to support "The Cause". That is the ability to (hopfully) have more of "our work", the Black LGBT community, shown out in the 'mainstream' community. I shall continue to address only the Black LGBT community as I have before, as this is where my interests lie with regard to this particular subject.

I long for the day when I can go to the movie theater and am forced to wade through a bunch of Black LGBT crap, as one does presently with regard to mainstream movies, to get to the jewels. When I say mainstream, I regard that as any movie shown in a public movie venue that is not part of a festival. It can be an indie or art film (like some of the British films). This is what this film will be regarded as, in regard to the type of venue it will play in.

I try to support all Black LGBT films, books, ect. Not all are good, but money makes the industry go 'round. Everyone has a right to their opinion, so express it if you wish, however those in the industry know money make this industry go 'round. This is why I say 'please at least try to support'.

There were lots of press that starting coming out about Noah's Arc the second season. The information substantiated the facts that viewship crossed race and gender, and age. This information is documented and can be accessed through the internet. Some people are saying that this show was not a success, that only a few black men were watching, ect, then someone comes online with the facts in their commentary, and helps educates this readership. I say thank you for that information because knowledge is power. Yet people still act as if that information wasn't said. If you hate the show and decided you hate the movie, that's fine. Your choice.

Still support this community so that we can see our images on the mainstream big screen, outside of festivals or dvd retailers only.

William Morris Agency

It is quite clear from reading this thread that CJay and Sean are well versed in the film industry. RYAN not so much. Perhaps a certain someone could contact Mr. Patrik Ian Polk about internship possibilities?

No shade. Just a thought toots, just a thought


I'm still confused...all this buzz and no promos?

Where are the commercials on LOGO? If this is coming out next month, shouldn't there at least a promo?

what about the trailer? those two clips aren't a trailer at all..those look like deleted scenes from one of the episodes that WASN'T shown after the second season was canceled.

I'm trying to be open to this "movie" coming out, but all signs point toward it not, and maybe its a LOGO tv movie which will be a taste for a REAL movie to come out in 2009?

I checked all the major papers for a blurb from last weekend's papers (NY Post, NY Times, Time Out, VillageVoice, LA Times, etc.) and nothing is there. not even an ad.

Can someone give me the 411 on this?

And William Morris: how can you make that comment about Ryan's experience? How do you know what he's done and not done? For someone who is clearly well connected to ms. patrik, shouldn't you be more busy working on promo for the film?

And, I agree with The 411, a LOT of people here are saying the SAME things in these long, elaborate posts...could it be that CJ/Sean/Benjamin/Tomboy, etc. are ALL the same person?

No shade, but this isn't the way to drum up press for a movie coming out next month if that's your goal.

And how will this play to non black LGBT folk who haven't seen the show but are curious about what all the buzz is for, since I'm sure the girls will make SURE that people see this "movie" when it comes out in the cities its supposed to come out in...

how do you "sell" it to them?

Patrik Ian Polk

GO SEE NOAH'S ARC: JUMPING THE BROOM OCTOBER 24, 2008 in the following "trial" cities: LA, Atlanta, NYC, DC, and Cleveland...

It's FIERCE, I tell ya! I've been slaving away behind the 'editing suite' to make sure this film makes up for the flaws you, the fans, saw in my show!

Thank you for the support, and for the haters--why is my private life your business? I'm equal opportunity--equal opportunity for WHITE BOYS...

The 411

Oh so the great Mr. "Patrick" Ian Polk finally speaks. We'll see your "movie" when its in the "movie" theaters, love.

How is your "private life" private when you blog about your failed attempts at romance on MySpace? Except you leave out the juicy parts about the WHITE BOYFRIEND. I'm sure your BLACK GAY fans and the "COMMUNITY" would love to hear about your OLDER WHITE BOYFRIENED who you tried to keep under wraps.


LOL at 411 thinking Polk actually posted that.


So, what's the DEGAGA, girls?

all of these comments...but let's talk about the "movie"..how much did it cost to make? behind the scenes drama? who got the highest paycheck?

was mr. polk's pasty white boyfriend on set? did christian finally drop trou? cause chile, i LOVE me some Samantha, oops y'all--wrong "show"--Ricky! he could wear my boogina OUT, OKAY???

And, 411: you need to SPILL THE TEA...teasing us with all these secrets, give up the business...you know you want to!

And, what's with CJay/Benjamin/Sean/Tomboy: Patrik, why are you shady? Rod gave your show LOVE when no one else did...his recaps were witty, honest, AND on point..and let's pour tea: your audience was comprised of folk who heard about or READ about the show..AT THIS SITE.

stop the presses there! so, all of this shade for rod and anyone else who critiqued the show and the movie is unnecessary..cause if you look closely at those ARCHIVED recaps...many of your biggest critics were you strongest fans...

get into THAT interrogation, mr. polk.

keep up the shade/tea/"movie" updates..LOVE IT!


not to throw SHADE into everyone's 'support' for Noah's Arc: Jumping The Broom, but this is what's also coming out on that same day:

October 24
Title Cast
High School Musical 3: Senior Year Zac Efron / Vanessa Hudgens

Noah's Arc: Jumping the Broom

Pride and Glory Edward Norton / Colin Farrell

Saw V Tobin Bell / Julie Benz

The Changeling Angelina Jolie / John Malkovich

Passengers Anne Hathaway / Patrick Wilson

Synecdoche, New York Philip Seymour Hoffman / Samantha Morton

The Universe of Keith Haring

not to dampen everyone's hopes, but High School Musical 3, Saw 5, AND Angelina Jolie giving us "savage mother in peril" mode ala Oscar winning performance in The Changeling?

Will Noah's Arc BE that "sleeper" hit of that weekend? Only time will tell...

But, bring ya vaseline, fatigues, high heeled timbalands, AND cash for MULTIPLE screenings, gurl..cause Noah and the gang will need your 'support' for their upcoming 'movie' to get strong weekend box office returns that Monday...

and they will need you FIGHT for this 'movie' to stay in the theatres...

William Morris Agency

Shade Tea, are you looking for employment in the "industry"? Because the cafeteria at the William Morris Agency needs another "lunch lady" or two! You can serve gourmet meals and read the trades! Talk about serving it!

No shade. Just a thought, toots. Just a thought.

The 411

CJay, how would YOU know? Unless of course YOU are POLK and posting under different aliases?

Is that you Sybil ... I mean Patrik!


William Morris:

I don't do "lunch lady" at the cafeteria..that's for 'directors' like yourself..just a thought toots..just a thought.

I'm just letting your 'fans' know what the 'movie' is up against, and you should know how limited the attention spans of some of your fans are...i mean many have 'forgotten' the show...that's going to be interesting to see how you bring them back of course...unless there's a VIRAL marketing campaign telling folks to check the LOGO Network for the film on october 24th!

and, ms polk, i mean william morris, i mean CJ, i mean Tomboy, I mean Benjamin--ooh, you have LOT of personalities, wouldn't you just love to know where i am in the industry...

and i'm with the 411, you MUST be ALL of these 'fans' posting at this blog...the positive ones about the movie, that is.

for someone who's IN the industry, shouldn't you be, as someone above, IN an editing suite doing post-production on the movie?

I mean, october 24th is right around the corner..and you shot the movie march through probably may or june..that doesn't give you a lot of time to do a rough cut and then polish in time to get this out in the five 'test' cities...

I mean, let us know 'the DEGAGA' so we can all get on board with promoting this 'film'. you know the girls want to make sure one of our own is getting their 'box office weekend rent/coin'

Jose S

@CJAY: That is a very good question...How would you know who is the "real" Patrick Ian Polk? I certainly don't know.

I post here all the time and have never seen your name or many others who are trying promote this mysterious movie. But for what its worth....since Patrick talked about this post on his Myspace and told people to coment...it's logical to assume he is reading the comments. It's not like this isn't one of the most popular blogs.

But I will be looking forward to this project. I am anxious to see what they will do. Good luck and see everyone in the theatres!

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