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12 September 2008



lol.. great article. carl's not having it.



stop acting like you haven't listened in on the "chillren" waxing poetic about WEAVEonce and her singing skills being better than Whitney while paying for $5 coffee frappucinos at Starbucks...LOL!

that's how they sound these days..OOH, Carl was talking about CHILDREN, not THE CHILLREN--but, isn't he one of..THE CHILLREN? :)

anyhoo...bolt's amazing BUT eye opening times SHOULD raise an eye or more...only 22 years old, and his best times prior to the olympics were some sub 21 200s, and some low 10 100m and a few 400m races...great times, but NOT in line with the kind of breakthrough that his olympic times would have needed, etc.

this is no different than the chinese women being scrutinized in the mid 90's for sub 30 minute 10,000m and sub 3:53 1500m--at the time, those were only times that men could achieve and MUCH was talked about in regard to a certain kind of food they ate which had, allegedly, a compound similar to a human growth hormone...obviously now, those times are happening for women in those events..

and the men are obviously breaking barriers in the sprints: jeremy wariner is capable of breaking michael johnson's 400m record, etc.

BUT, if the jamaican atheletes aren't being tested as much as their counterparts OR they dont have comparable anti-doping centers to other countries, then yes, bolt's times SHOULD be questioned and the track team should be investigating for anti-doping violations...

but, truthfully, the US sucked at these olympics and a lot of it is ms. carlleta getting his panties up in a bunch because the US got smoked in events it normally dominates...

and YES, Lauryn Williams should NEVER be on another olympic OR indoor or outdoor world track championship 4x100m relay team EVER AGAIN.

S. Flemming

I think he just said what a whole lot of folks are thinking ...


That was funny!

And, yes children argue about who's better all the time.


I heard that Flemming.


I don't want to believe Usain was on something but even someone I know who's FROM Jamaica questioned his performance.

And I love how Ms Lewis read the children at the end!:)


Research shows that sprinters who use performance enhancing drugs grow unusually large penises.

Look at the picture. Do you need more proof than that?


lol.. he's jamaican bernie. he was born with, "that."


I can't believe this... it really urks me when i read this ridiculous posts. When the USA dominates the sport, no one has a problem, all of sudden when it is another country especially a small island, it is BIG problem. What bothers me is that the man who is complaining is KNOWN to be a cheat, like many US runners...Flo Jo died with hair on face and chest! What the US has been good at is hiding their drug taking from the rest of the world as the have the technology to beat it. oh and Gatlin, Jones and others has proven this.

Now that they are not able to do that as they use to and therefore cannot perform .. it is a big problem.

Jamaica does not have the know how or technology to hide the drugs.. what is being displayed is natural talent. If you all follow Usain's history, you will realise that from age 15 he constantly broke history in athletics. The youngest ever world-champion.. high school champion etc.

His ability to do so well is based on just that.... ability, built (6ft 5in) with a stride that allows him to move fast... oh and for all those petty asses.. yes he is Jamaican and built just like that .. so stop lusting at what he has packed in his pants!

I pity you all! Fox and the sour grapes!


I am really tired of people making baseless statements on matters for which they are ignorant. I am perfectly ok with questions being asked whenever great performances occur especially considering recent history. However when people open their mouths they should think first & if you are going make certain statement they should be backed up with facts.

Ryan, do some research before you talk crap. Coming into the Olympics Usain was the 5th fastest human ever in the 200m and the world record holder in the 100m. He is the word junior & world youth record holder in the 200m. He is the only junior to run under 20s, which he did at the age of 17.

Jamaica does NOT have a proper anti doping system and that's a fact. Does this automatically mean their athletes are doping?...NO Does it raise questions?...YES

The Jamaican based athletes spend a few months at home each year where they train and they are tested both locally (without an agency) and by the IOC. They compete primarily on the European circuit where they are regularly tested. I dare say they have been tested about the same as the top US athletes. All the elite Jamaican athletes have so far come up clean. So why the great debate over whether they are clean are not?
I thought people were innocent until proven guilty and if you are going accuse someone then their should be reasonable suspicion. Oh the Jamaican's cleaned up the sprints so that is reasonable suspicion. If that is the case then why doesn't every Gold medalist have the same doubts being cast on them. Why are Phelps performances not 'suspicious' but Bolt's performances are?

I am not saying anyone is or is not on drugs. All I am saying is if no one as any tangible proof or VERY GOOD suspicion of doping then you should all shut the hell up.
The Jamaican women have consistently had 2 or 3 women in the 100m finals for every Olympics since 1988 and since 1984 only 1988 they have failed to medal. So it is not a total shock that they have finally put it together and swept the medals.

Drug testing has improved significantly, so I think the sport is the cleanest it has been in 2 decades. Clearly it would not be beyond reason that persons are still finding ways to beat the system (Marion Jones). But I find it difficult to believe that a country that doesn't have the resources to set up an anti doping agency or to setup a temporary bridge after a hurricane suddenly found the resources to develop an undetectable drug.

Without proof we are merely talking out of the wrong end. I think everyone should have their suspicions but do make defamatory statements. Luckily IOC is now keeping blood samples, so should something be detected in the future, let it all out. Until that day please be quiet with all this doping mumbobloodclawwtjumbo.


Macky you are a fool. Americans do not like to lose. And of course they have access to steroids ... It is very to get those drugs in almost any country outside America or Europe. Steroids are easily bought in Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

We like Jamaican men and want what is in their pants. But we don't like them getting grand and competing on our level. They will pay for this outrage.


Who are these Jamaicans coming on this blog? Are Fred and Macky battymen?

We like dem Jamaican bwoys wit da big tings. We like dem Asafa Powell big big Jamaican ting!


Here here fred , here here!!!! Give them the facts, give them the facts... and Brandon you are obviously joking this thing out.. but wait... brandon sounds like a man, what you doing talking about we like Jamaican men and what is in their pants!

Usain beware.."gay" men after you... pun being on GAYE!


For your information, Mr. Carlos, I am a Jamaican woman, Macky is just a shortened version on my last name!


If it is true that Macky is, as she seems to be claiming, a straight Jamaican woman, it is amazing to me how fast she found this site when it posted something on Usain Bolt.

Has she been lurking for years on this site just in case something about a Jamaican man gets posted, and then when something is, she jumps on it?

Does she spend her days sitting at her desk, Googling “Usain Bolt” and reading every article about him, just in case his Jamaican honour needs defending?

It really is quite mysterious.


Carl Lewis doesnt know when to shut up... USain has always been astonishing...
FYI Jamaicans have been knocking on the door for so long now, their dominance should not surprise anyone...

I thought steroids shrunk wood


All joking aside, I found Carl Lewis' comments to be a bit offensive, suggesting without any proof, that Bolt's wins were performance-enhanced.

The man is 6'5". Look at the videos of the races. He takes one stride for every two by every other runner because he's just taller than they are. Add speed to that and you see why he wins.

It's what I was saying during the Olympics. The American team and American media want you to believe that the American runners are the only good ones. Then when they lose, the media calls it "an upset" and the losers want to whisper "steroids." It all just sounds like sour grapes.


I find it so interesting that throughout the entire Olympics, ROD never made a post about Usain Bolt's dominating performance at the Olympics... not of course until Carl LEwis raised objections to his form and Jamaica's drug testing.

Will history state that Carl LEwis was just as circumspect when Marion Jones or all those other American Dopers were injecting?

I am Jamaican... and I believe that only time can tell whether Usain Bolt and Jamaica's programme is flawed. But I find it completely hypocritical that my nations athletics system is being tarnished because the US
sent a completely unprepared and lackluster team to the Olympics.

Walter Dix himself set the stage back in Beijing when he made light of Bolts performance calling him a freak... so this is no surprise.

by the way.. Before any one can question my reason for being here... YES.. I am a 'battyman' and also a regular reader of the blog.


um fred: shut up.

my statements aren't baseless, in fact, bolt's performances AS an athelete has been posted about in relation to his current wins and ALL say that his wins are QUITE SUSPECT.

Yes, I know all jamaican atheletes run in europe..but, once again, the times are highly fast for someone that young..

I'm only calling it like i see..and i never said he was using..i said people are SUSPECTING HIM of using.

and why doesn't your country have the proper anti-doping testing center like every other country does? Yes, I am sure they get tested often...but those results can be and often ARE doctored...

ask the european runners who were banned for doping...doctored results from testing...IN EUROPE.

Rod Mc

"KEVYN" Stop right there. This is not personally about me and you don't tell me who or what should be reported here, especially in your very first comment.

Let's turn the tables: Since you claim to be "Jamaican", a "battyman" and a "regular reader of this blog", why have you NEVER never commented in any of the dozens of posts about state sponsored homophobia, anti-gay violence or murder, and human rights abuses in Jamaica and the Carribean? And when did Jamaican gay men start calling themselves "battymen"?

That is what I find so "very intertesting."


No, I beg to differ with Kevyn.

I am Jamaican and Trini. My father's family is from Montego Bay. I have spent many fine summers in that town. But now live in Florida with my mum and am gay, out to many but not family. "Battyman" is most definitely "not" a word we gay Jamaican men (especially not livinmg on JA) use to describe ourselves.

That is a hateful word and not one would be adopt.

Tony R

kevin, we've already discussed that and it's water under the bridge.

it's not good manners to walk in someone's house and tell them what should be on the menu. especially your first time visting their home. tacky and the quickest way to get on Rod's *ish list.

but I'm with Ryan and Carlos. i'm very suspicious of those island boys because they do not have proper testing procedures. their governments are so corrupt and will do anything to win a few gold medals. now all the jamaicans and all the "jerk chicken lovers" are using the gold medals as proof that jamaica is a great place. pffft


Wow, Tony R! Is it possible to write a more offensive and condescending comment?

"...island boys...", "...their governments are so corrupt..." (AS IF our current Bush administration is a testament to integrity), and "jerk chicken lovers".

Talk about regressive thinking.

Tony R

Oh, now the "pearl clutchers" want to get get all politically correct. Sorry "Bernie" but that train left the station once you started rhapsodizing about Usain's bulge and the measurements of men who are "juicing."

Let's get real. Jamaica is a developing nation and has the highest crime rate and murder rate in the Western hemisphere! The government is corrupt and feeling pressure from lost toursit dollars! Outside of the United States, it is very easy to buy roids. You're telling me the corrupt bureaucrats in Kingston aren't treating their star athletes to more than jerk chicken and plantains?


I am pressed to respond so I will..

ROD - I have followed all your other posts about homophobia and such, however I have never been pressed to respond in this forum in actuality, I usually don't read the comments section because in all honesty, too often, the the conversations degrade into the absurd. I have however voiced my own concerns and feelings through editorials in JAmaican newspapers and whereever else i wish to. I live in JA .. I am a young professional, working in media no less.
My lack of response does not mean that my opinion is moot or less valuable or even in anyway lacking in substance. As for the 'battyman' comment, regardless of what you may think my use of the word was in response to an earlier post by 'Carlos' asking who are the Jamaican's posting on the board and also asking if macky and Bernie are Battymen.
It is not a term i use lightly and was used purely as sarcasm.

Sorry if i offend you ROd.

I think any other concern raised in the forum regarding my previous post has been answered -
I don't even need to defend where my integrity, I have no need to lie.

unlike many other commentators here, I actually LIVE in Kingston Jamaica...

I have a Jamaican Birth certificate and my 'claim' is true.

As for the continuing arguments about corrupt government and blah blah ... tell me something I don't know about my own country. it is so weird hearing foreign nationals talk about my home.

Yet Even stacy ann chin admitted that despite the fact that she can't live in Jamaica because of her orientation, her love for the place has not diminished.. please understand... I love my country: it's hateful towards me because i am gay, my brothers are killed even but it is my home and until I decide to run, this is where i have to call home.

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