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19 September 2008


S. Flemming

Wow I did not know he died. I saw this on News Channel 8 a few nights ago because they did a report on what many believe is a rash of bashings in DC. They had a guy on there who was attacked a few months ago saying that he thinks it is becoming more of a problem. It was a good report though; they talked to a variety of different gay guys saying they just try to be careful and watch their surroundings.

I've only been to BeBar once ... it's not the greatest area but not the worst either. At the end of the day I guess it does not matter, because it can happen anywhere.

Very sad and tragic.


this is scary news. I used to live in DC and I would go to BeBar on occasion and to the bars in that area of town...

It has never beent hat safe and rarely has cops in the block doing patrols...

and isn't that technically where all of the working girls were: male, female, trans? I lived up on 12th and N, N.W. and after a night out, I'd walk home and pass the working girls often...and that section of D.C. often was the site of robberies, assaults, etc.

still a tragedy and i hope people are spurned on to at least talk about ways of making that area safer at night..and period/


actually, people should get together in DC and just talk about how to make the city safer PERIOD..imean, this is the incident you READ about that makes more than the daily dc news...

Southeast DC has always been legendary for being dangerous, as has SW DC. N.E. hasn't been bad, but it has its share of violence also.

And, the Howard University area...I made sure I was not in that area at night because there was ALWAYS something happening then..and never good either.


" it's not the greatest area but not the worst either. At the end of the day I guess it does not matter, because it can happen anywhere."

True. More random and senseless violence. What a tragedy.


So very sad.


This is a very tragic incident that has occurred and I find it hard to believe not to be a hate crime. Its sad how often the system allows things like this to happen. I think that they gay community should get together and stand up for a solution to both of these problems.


They were jumped because of greed not hate. We need be clear lest we look like we are different than people who are robbed because of greed. We are different when people attack us in our own community only because we are gay. "Straight" Drug dealers are being robbed and RAPED in DC. Rashawn Brazil was a hate crime.

The Phoenix

I live in the District and I am quite familiar with the area. I would say that this is probably a robbery, which stemmed from hatred. In other words, the BeBar host different parties for different crowds mainly everyday of the week, so some of the clientele that frequents the BeBar is quite flamboyant to say the least. The problem is that the residents of this area have become quite familiar with this clientele, so they know exactly what the deal is. The area that surrounds the BeBar is frequented by the 7th & O Street Boys, who have historically beefed with the 5th and N boys over territory and other frivolous things they have no meaning. This is also the area that stray bullets took the life of an innocent teenaged girl due to this turf war approximately a year and a half ago. I believe that it is quite possible that perhaps young, troubled and directionless boys who have the desire to be a part of this type of street element saw an opportunity to make a name for themselves and gain street credibility by targeting the most likely demographic, the gay clientele who travels near and far to party at the BeBar. I also think it is disgusting and pathetic that the police would make such a quick and reckless decision to call this incident a random robbery, without thoroughly investigating the specifics. It is times like these and responses like the one from the police department that encourages an environment of vigilantes, or more popularly, THE BRAVE ONE! May God Protect Us All.

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