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29 September 2008



she looks great on the album cover!!!


She is beautiful,humble and very talented.She is a perfect example of good things comes to those who wait.

S. Flemming

Nice interview. The world is such a small place. I am amazed at how much we all have in common.


Whoa. I am from Chicago and you are taking me back with the names and memories of those old skool drag dolls. I love it, I love it. I'm very interested in this new album. Good job.


I absolutely love Jennifer Hudson! I've already ordered the CD. It should arrive first thing in the morning. Wouldn't miss it.


I absolutely love Jennifer Hudson! I've already ordered the CD. It should arrive first thing in the morning. Wouldn't miss it.


Rod you always amaze me. You report the artist that a lot of people sleep on. I am still happy over your report on LaBelle. Now down to business.
Jennifer is an amazing vocalist. I am very interested in what direction this album will go. Her voice is too big to be on a small pop track. I like Jennifer because she is gay friendly. I listen to a lot of music, I love artist who acknowledge the kids. Hell for most of these DIVAS if it wasn't for us they would not be anywhere :) It’s great to see a singer who does not fit the industries standards of beauty. She is dark and thick and in today's industry that can be hard. The woman is confident and beautiful inside and out. Spotlight is a hot track. Can't Stop the rain is a beautiful story that ends in tragedy. The duet with Fantasia is a masterpiece. I love this song because it is not a shouting match. She takes us to church with Jesus Promised Me A Home Over There.
The biggest accomplishment for me is the song What's Wrong (Go Away) with T-Pain. I cannot stand his music but I love his swagger with J Hud. I hope she gets the credit she deserves. She is a wonderful artist with huge potential


Who would have thunk J Hud started off with the show girls? You learn something new every day.


Miss J Hud is doing big things and will be a huge success.

Cendrine Robinson

Wow she looks so skinny on this cover. She has lost so much weight.


Wow. True took the words right out of my mouth.

I have not always been a fan of this blog and used to cone here to criticize. But I am amazed at the analysis and range of topics.

That being said, I am forever impressed with Jennifer Hudson! She is standing by the children and not going totally Hollywood! She really deserves this moment in her life.

I have heard the duet with Fantasia and thought it was just right. Not a shouting match. Spotlight wasn't my favorite song on the album but yes it was a good radio song.

Allen H

Very good interview. Last week it was the Puusycat Dolls, this week it is Jennifer Holliday. Looking forward to next week.


Jennifer looks great on the cover. I like her just the way she is.

Trevor T

'And I Am Telling You' is also on here.


I will be on iTunes to download the whole album. Jennifer Hudson is carrying on for the children!

Emett H

I have been waiting for this album all summer. C'mon Jennier! You know you will bring it.

She deserves oceans of happiness. I wish her love and success with the album and marriage.

Tony R

Cannot wait for this album to drop. But I'm sorry why did she let Fantasia sing on her album?


I was a fan of Jennifer when she was on American Idol and people were doubting her talent. I knew then that she would be a big star. I will be going to get my CD as soon as I wake up tomorrow. When she starts touring I want to know. Thanks for doing this interview. Oh yeah I'm definitely going to check out her new movie.

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