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15 September 2008



Yeah Im awake ...but I would go back to bed if he was still there!


ummm talk about an early morning pick me up....MMMMMMM!

all that AND he plays water polo? i'm sure his teammates have a LOT to stare at in and OUT of the pool when it comes to Gill...

future water polo olympian perhaps?

Jose S

What an incredibly sexy young man. I like this sexy college student water polo action.


a very handsome young man. It's always a pleasure to see to discover the biography and backstory to these beauties.


What a phine Monday morning wakeup.

Allen H

Nate would make me a water polo fan. Hopefully we can see him play with the ball!


makes you wanna holla.

Timothy B

Yawn. Another exotic multiracial muscle model on Rod 2.0. And what black man plays WATER POLO?

I suppose a regualr black man who plays basketball or football would be too "plain" for this site.


Timothy, you have a very one dimensional view of black men. There is nothing "exotic" about being a college student in California. And we have seen in the Olympics there are black swimmers, skiers, triathletes, water polo players ...

Your view perpetuates the wrong stereotypes.

Oh and last week there was a (black) football player and basketball player on this blog.


Timothy B: HAAAY PATRIKA! how's the editing for the 'movie' going? ALL RIGHT! HOW YOU DOIN?

BL: pay him no mind..timothy is an alias of a 'director' who's upset with rod and has been going AT IT in all of his posts...pay him no mind.


Gee because there are 'blacks' of all hues in all areas including wtaerpolo, fencing and synchronised diving... and no we dont all like american football!


Timothy, there are black men and black gay men who are not snap queens. We are not all like Alex on Noah's Arc.

Nate is a beautiful and a joy to behold. I hope he does well in his studies and as a model. Great mind, great body, great face.

Noah Fan for Life

Brandon you can make your point without the disparaguing remarks made about Noah Arc! There were beautiful men like this on Noah Arc! remember Raphael?? And Trey?? Light or dark Noah Arc showcased black gay men!!

And who doesn't know an Alex? :)

Gio Brindisi

un bello ragazzo!


I totally love this Nate Gill. Tasty.

Timothy B

ShadeTea, there is a cleanup in aisle 7!!!!!

Barry S

I''ll just ignore the Noahs Arc drama ...

Nate is a handsome lil package. I'm glad to see the top model agencies are signing more black men. And Nahtans and BL make excellent points. There are more examples of beautiful black men than basketball players and strippers. That is one reason I like this site,

Derrick Foss

let me cosign ricardo. i enjoy hearing about these men and putting a story to the pretty faces.

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