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30 September 2008



This is a great story. Thanks.


I like the "Will and Grace" analogy. Black and Hispanic lesbians and gay couples have been raiding children in the 'hood for decades. I'm glad the reorters didn't concentrate on the white gay couple.

S. Flemming

I'm going to read this when I get home later. But just from the photo, I'm amazed by how young they look.


I was amaze how young they look too! DAMN a cutie at that!

Great story!!!!!

I felt good inside when I read this.


i'm happy for them too. it's nice to see. i wanted to be married and have kids but i haven't been able to find the right man. so, i keep working on myself and staying hopeful. 'sigh' i just hope i don't have to wait until i'm an aarp member before he comes along...


freeleo Y wait... get out there and find him, dont wait for love boy!


question: I'm "married" to a lesbian and we have one child. We live separately but our son gets to have a strong two parent family. Yet we're both "not straight." Does that count?


i'm not waiting man. i'm just tired of brothers not telling the truth about who they are and what they want. that doesn't mean i'm giving up. it's just taking longer then i thought.

Kevin Perez

This brings a smile to my face. It really does. I'm happy for them.


I am a step-parent to my partners 3 children. We are in the process of adopting a fourth jointly. I am glad that the NY Times is doing spreads like this, it is about time we were recognized.


This story is fantastic. It is putting a smile on my face. I absolutely love it.


I commend the Times for running this story. Hopefully other newspapers will pick this up. The picture of the man and his daughters is priceless.

S. Flemming

I finally got to read this. This was a great read. I love to see positive things about us in the media.

I have to confess I rarely entertain suitors who have children - the few times I have, it's been drama because in my experience black men in the life with kids are mixed up and don't know what they want or who they are. But if I found a man with a child who was well-adjusted, I'd consider giving it a try.


A wonderful and very much needed corrective to the image of gay = white in America

Lang B.

Beautiful to see.
Kids need love.
There are A LOT of horrible "straight" parents.

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