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17 September 2008



i'm glad the campaign is finally doing something about this...

given that the majority of voters who would be MOST affected by this are working class Black homeowners--who happen to be a MAJOR voting block, not only in the democratic party but in various parts of michigan state, this is great news.

though, something should have been done as soon as this came out (this is what? a week old?).

I hope the Democratic Party can stop the republicans from doing this...it would definitely show that the republicans have NO scruples and are using "dirty" tactics to win an election that's obama's to 'lose'....

and, this is a great "aggressive" strategy for obama and the dems...it's not like they want a "confrontation" or a "fight" with the republicans, of course...


This is a beautiful thing. Maybe if the Democratic party keeps this up, they can stop the Repugnants from stealing another election.


Interesting development. The case is assigned to Judge David M. Lawson, a 1999 Clinton nominee unanimously approved by the Senate. Rod, from reading your post, it seems as if an injunction has already been issued by the judge. ("The injunction prohibit[s]....") Is that true? I can't find anyone else reporting that.

Rod Mc

Gregory, there is nothing "confusing" about the post. Read the article. No injunction has been granted.

Not really sure what the judge angle is supposed to imply.

Read my background on the bio page. Your comment history repeatedly attempts to fact-check. You really need to stop.

Chris Holden

Finally, this story has become national. And it is not confined to one county in one state.

Read Andrew Hacker's article in the current NY Review Of Books -- "Prejudice Against Obama" -- which explores the attempts in several states to deny people (read: Black) the right to register and vote.

It's frightening. And potentially devastating on Nov. 4.

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