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18 September 2008


Duane J.

Congrats to the Obama Campaign on thier approach to DADT. Having served 12 yrs Honorably, ('74-'86)
I saw first-hand the effects of losing the outstanding talent noted by Gen. Kennedy; not to mention the millions of dollars spent on early discharges and retraining of others to replace them. I would like to hope someday poz individuals could enlist and serve, but it'd create a logistical-health-care nightmare, esp. in a combat environment. If we, the LGBT community, win this DADT battle,
let's call it well done.


That's great news.


Duane, thank you for your service. That is an excellent observation and you hit all the right notes. I am sure many gay and women would like to serve openly and honestly.

And kudos to Rod. Sitting on the Obama campaign calls. That is a great quote, Sen. Obama is the leader for the new millenium.

Chris Holden

This is surely wonderful, but Barack Obama has to win. That he isn't ahead in a cakewalk is jaw-dropping and ... well, alarming.


Don't be alarmed yet Chris. In the words of that old disco song said, "It's not over." Hopefully everyone who is eligible to vote will do so.

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