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15 September 2008



This is a great. Unfortunately I don't get Logo in my area but will be looking forward to hearing more about the show.


I am a huge fan of Demarco but am disappointed to hear he will be under utilized. I am anxious to hear his voice after seeing his hot pics.

Jose S

I absolutely LOVE Demarco and cannot wait to see this. I am TiVoing this and will watch later tonight.

A. Ronald

The time slot is horrible. They are competing against Monday Night Football abnd I think Gossip Girl.

But sports fans will probably Tivo.

And Rod are you in love with Mike? Seems like it from your review. :0

Barry S

On the one hand I am very interested in seeing what Logo will do with this new series.

On the otheer hand, your review and Outsports both say the same thing ie the format is restrictive.

Let's hope they get it together.


LOL @ that picture of DeMarco laughing.

Rod, I really wish you recapped this show every week. It could be funny!

A. Ronald is right. It sounds like you have a new teevee BF.


I've been waiting for this for a long time. I hope it's good.


I will watch this. I want to see what Demarco sounds like. He is extremely hot. They should have promoted this show much more on the black gay blogs and magazines. The children will turn out for Demarco Majors.

But he is from the Bay Area he might be into white men who knows we will see after tonight ...


Freeleo, you, me and hundreds of other black gay men have been looking forward to this show.

This will be something to watch. I am very interetsted in anything that shows us. So let's look forwrad to the best.


I've seen Demarco on television. If he is not given enough airtime is probably because he doesn't have anything to say!

This could be a yawn...


Well this is very interesting. This new television series is given a full promotional budget, critics screen adbvance epsiodes and we have all heard about it.

Then there is the Noah's Arc "feature film." No advance buzz, no publicity, no reviews, no screenings, no interviews...

See a pattern?


Demarco es Mike un belli ragazzi!


Tolliver, easy question.

There IS a Shirts & Skins. It remains to be seen if there will be this so called 'movie" of Noah, Wade, Ricky, Chance and Alex.

Henry TW

Rod, this really is a very thorough review. No surprise, all of youre reviews are thorough.

I'll be watching this tonight, thanks.


I had no desire to watch this show but will now. Love this review and the screen captures.

And that Mike is phine. I will watch just for him.


Not really interested. The queen with the baby blues eyes ruined it for me. Talk to me after he is voted off the show.

Timothy B

CA, that is a really tacky thing to say. Your comments in the previous thread on the Noah's Arc movie were just as distasteful.

Do you even like seeing black gay men on tv and film?

Timothy B

And Tolliver you have no idea what you are talking about. The "Noah's Arc" movie will be released in late October.

Perhaps you should stick to things that you know about.

Derrick Foss

This review is tight and reminds me of the old Noah recaps. I wish Logo were in my area.



Joe Jons

I'm looking forward to this. I'm excited to see us on tv. I'm also curious about Demarco Majors.

M Mark

An even handed. The show is about to premiere. We will see if it is a hit or miss.


the pic of demarco with his mouth open is too funny. He looks very comfortable opening up that wide!

C. Baptiste-Williams

still not worth subscribing to logo maybe ill catch the dvd release


@ A. Ronald.... TIVO done! bou t to watch in about 15 minutes. The COwboy/Eagles game is EVVERYTHING right now! 4th Quarter
37 Eagles...31 Cowboys

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