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15 September 2008


Barry S

This is indeed very bad news because BushCo praises Uganda's AIDs programme.

Derrick from Philly

You know, as Americans of African descent, we want Africa to be taken seriously. We want the history of destruction and oppression of African people and African civilization to be recognized. But I'll be damned if an Afro fool doesn't get up and open his mouth every few months and....

Oh, well, I just remind myself (and others) that the same continent that produced that fool also produced Nelson Mandella and Bishop Desmond Tutu.



That way of thinking will keep hopes up. After all, before Africans blind-foldedly gobbled this nonsense from both muslim and christian missionaries, they had produced such geniuses as IMHOTEP, SAMORA MACHEL, RUDAHIGWA, THOMAS SANKARA and of course Rev Tutu and Mandela.

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