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22 October 2008


Jose S

This story makes me very happy. I think Doug Spearman is the 'quiet giant' of the Noah's Arc cast. I'm very pleased with his work on and off the screen.

Thomas M

This is very good stuff. I am glad to see Doug is so active in the marriage equality battle. I had no idea he was such an activist. I'm impressed.

Former COGIC

Hallejuah. Two great stories in one day about black Hollywood STEPPING UP TO THE PLATE.

Doug Spearman deserves credit, kudos, bravos and all that.

Baltimore Femme

And where is Rodney Chester?

oh that's right he is NOT GAY

Timothy B

Of course Doug Spearman is showing activism and leadership on this issue. Doug and the fine cast of "Noah's Arc" cast are very active on raising awareness for black gay causes. We owe these brave young men a huge debt of gratitude.

On the other hand it is also very disappointing ungrateful black gay men continue to target Rodney Chester. He was at the fundraiser in Oakland and lent his celebrity to the stuggle in our community. Is that no enough.

And the strike through about "still not gay" was a bitchy move Rod. Tsk, tsk would you write like this at the Advocate and Out?


Oh Timothy please. You are like a one woman truth squad with anythin related to "Noah's Arc." This is a blog post and not a magazine article there is a different standard.

Doug Spearman should be commended. I admire him he is working very quietly behind the scenes for equality. And he was always out there was no mystery attached to his sexuality and he has a much more impressive resume than Rodney Chester.


"Rodney Chester was at the fundraiser in Oakland and lent his celebrity to the stuggle in our community."


Surely you jest.


Of course if the Prop 8 vote passes they will blame it on black folks, they are already making the case. The white gays will blame it on the black churches and the black Obama voters. So be it.


Both sides, meanwhile, are contending that Obama would approve of their view. That's because the first black presidential candidate of a major party has said that he is against Proposition 8 but has also expressed opposition to gay marriage.

"He said both sides. We are picking the one we like," said Derek McCoy, a minister who came from Washington, D.C., in August to organize African American clergy across the state to oppose the measure.

Standing on the lawn at the Crenshaw Christian Center, Nyesha Scott said she is thrilled to vote for Obama -- and is also firmly in favor of Proposition 8. "It's just wrong for gays and lesbians to marry," she said. "It's supposed to be a female and a male."

Outside First African Methodist Episcopal Church in the West Adams district on a recent Sunday, meanwhile, many parishioners said they plan to vote against the measure.

Tyler G

Jensen Atwood may be the sexy symbol of the cast but to me Doug Spearman is the most sexy. He reminds me of a sexy teacher I had in grade school.

Harry A

I said this in another Noah's Arc thread, I'm always pleased when celebrities stand up for something besides a paycheck. Mary J Blige and Doug Spearman are role models.


We were just talking about Darian in the Mary J Blige post. He is a good up and coming blogger and won the BWA's. I like this post, good deal. Thanks for link up.


The Yes on 8 forces are better funded and are unveiling new commercials. They are using this as a wedge issue and are trying to count on massive black voter turnout for Obama to pass this amendment. NO ON PROP 8.


I'm confused. Where does Obama stand on Prop 8? or does he have a stand? i dont blame him for not getting involved, it could cost him votes

Chris Buckley

Obama supports civil unions, not gay marriage. But he does not support this amendment and urges a no vote.

But I don't think he should shy away from this issue. At some point he is going to have to handle a difficult issue and not take a middle position that makes everyone happy. As president he will have to do this all the time. I think many of his fans will be disappointed.

Red Bone

I am enjoying Doug Spearman's character more. I didn't give Chance a chance during the show and concentrated too much of Noah, Alex and Ricky. But I am watching DVDs and love him.

This is splendid news. I am so happy Doug Spearman is an out and proud gay black man. That is pride.

Big Tex

Obama fans disappointed?

Never. We're already rationalizing why he shouldn't support unpopular positions and issues that will be help our community. Obama fans will never be disappointed, they will rationalize everything.

M. Mark

I'm not a major "Noah" fan but am very impressed with Doug's commitment to marriage equality. Actually the whole "Noah" cast has impressed me with their activiism on marriage.

I have a partner and we are in Arizona and we have a marriage amendment here that was defeated two years ago and is up for another vote.

Thank you Doug and bless you in your health, work and career.


Ron Buckmire is cute.

Preston Holiday

Props to Doug Spearman for working on this important campaign. Darian Aaron is right, this mainstream white gay organizations have mostly ignored black SGL input. They have no embraced black couples.

The face of gay marriage is white white white. On the recent cover of The Advocate on gay marriage, all of the couples were white. Care to comment on that Rod?

Rod Mc

PRESTON I agree with your points on Doug Spearman and Darian, but, that last question was extra.

I am a columnist and contributor at the magazine, not the executive editor or art director. Had nothing to do with it. Write to them.



Just as soon as we say no black actors or gay black actors are doing anything for the "community" we see they are. Doug Spearman is a wonderfully gifted actor and he is sharing his gifts and his passions with everyone. Watching him act in my favorite television show is a JOY and reading his words on marriage and gay rights is another JOY. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

And while I am at it let me give another THANK YOU to ROD 2.0. I have disagreed with you in the past for some of your views. But I am very IMPRESSED with you find news about Doug Spearman, Darryl Stephens and this movie every few days. We can talk about the issues raised in the movie and have a real DIALOGUE.

This is Doug's PARADE. Let's not rain on it by saying who didn't do this or that or the other. Please let us RECOGNIZE this man and let HIS deeds speak for themself. EACH ONE TEACH ONE.

Noah Fan 4 Lyfe

I agree with FQ 110 percent about Doug Spearman.

Doug has shown what it means to be a true proud black SGL man in Hollywood and be very successful.

I am very proud of him as well as the other members of the cast of "Noah's Arc: Jumping the Broom". I cannot wait until October 24.

patrick s

fq, that is funny, i think there has been very little about the movie on this blog.

Allen H

Very little about this movie? This post ... plus one yesterday ... plus several posts in the past two weeks that attracted hundreds of comments. I'd say that's more than enough.

Perhaps you're looking for a fan site or the movie's official web page?

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