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22 October 2008



Oh come on brothas. Let's not have this same conversation. I'm looking forward to the movie and can't wait to read some of the reviews. Obviously there are those who are not fans.

Even if you are not a fan of the series, you must appreciate Doug Spearman's work on marriage for everyone. And please stop by Doug's MySpace and tell him thank you for fund-raising and speaking out.


I just gave 10 bucks to No on Prop 8. I don't have much but figured I had it and they can use it. Thanks Doug. And thanks Brothaz Rod, Ron and Darian.

King Drive

This is tight, I respect this man Doug Spearman. He doesn't get as much pub as the other actors but the brotha is doing his thang.

S. Flemming

He seems like the coolest and most down to Earth of all of the guys on that show. He's great ... I can't wait to see the movie on Sunday.

Yall cant be serious

Black men in California have more serious things to worry about.

Every other black man in California is UNEMPLOYED.

Illegal Aliens are beating/shooting black men (and women) for simply walking down the street in and around Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Police officers beat the hell outta black men. LAPD is just as bad as the Italian cops beating the hell outta black men in New York City and Philadelphia.


Also, I have seen Rodney Chester hanging out with flaming queens during the General Gay Pride in NYC. I have seen him in Atlanta's Lenox Mall during Black Gay Pride with super flamers. Miss Rodney should get a grip.

Kevin Perez

Get over it.

You don't see any images of gay Latino or Asian couples when it comes to how we view gay marriage. This is an issue of race now? Sorry, I don't give a rat's ass if I'm not a ''brotha'' or ''you don't know what it's like to be black!''. It's pathetic that a lot of you are surprised that many people out there, not just Whitey, really believe African Americans are generally more homophobic than other ethnic groups? Who's fault is that, I wonder? Latin Americans are right up there with their level of Homophobia as well. Is that surprising too? You can thank the mighty Allah and Lawd Jesus and their followers for that.

I'm Latino and I would like to see more representation of Hispanics/Latinos and OTHER ETHNIC minorites represented in the LBGT community who are probably going through the same struggles of marriage and dealing with their fair share of BS. Stop making this into a White vs. Black debate, the Hispanic/Latino LGBT community face the same threat if NO is voted on Prop 8. With all these hilarous rants about White gays, funny how you forget there not only White and Black Gays, but Latinos, Asians and for all we know, Arabs/Middle Easterners.

Consider this too, which has the bigger demographic when it comes to the LGBT community? Whites or Blacks? Also wonder why nothing is said about represenation of LATINOS and ASIANS when it comes to this so-called ''community''.

I just love how so many of you are immediately assuming that if NO is voted, the blame will go soley African Americans. What about Republicans and Religious groups? Or hell, even Latinos?

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