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23 October 2008


Derrick from Philly

This takes the cake--using children. These pastors of hate are despicable. They are no better than the Ku Klux Klan crackas, and they should be told that by other black folks.


This is an outrage. Those pastors are making a mockery of the word.


This is disgusting. Indoctrination brainwashing at its finest, these poor kids don't even know they are bein victimized.

If you want to be a bigot, fine, do so. But to bring children into this as divisive tools is rather terrible.-QH


doomed. we are a doomed people. we are going to kill ourselves off with our ignorance.


How many of you self loathing homosexuals sit under this pastor. You are the lowest of the low.


i'm not shocked...on the christian channel where i live, they're using ads for YESON8 and are using kids in the ads.

so, i'm not surprised by this at all...


Are these the same glory hallelujah screaming bastards who sat back and said nothing about AIDS because they thought it was a gay disease? I can not take them seriously. It is really a horrific joke. They rally about this but act as though their genitals have been severed when it comes to speaking out about educational budgets cuts knowing young black males are going to suffer the most from those cuts. LOL we are in a new millenium and here these bastard come to show the world they still lack direction or sense. Is our favorite closet queen Bishop Eddie Long leading this PARADE? This is the type of shit that keeps him in the spotlight. No organized protests about housing forclosures of homes led by single black females who were duped by shady black realtors into signing a loan the damn agent and his company knew could not be repaid. No. No. Lets take the easy way out and beat up on black gay men once again. And why not? They are mixed throughout the crowd in the background screaming amen to every derogatory remark made about them.


What sensible parent would allow their child to take part in this travesty?


I actually like the idea of involving children. For the right causes of course. Someone should organize a counter rally involving children too. Just to show America that sensible African-Americans exist too!!


Wow this is a new low. Lets teach our kids to hate. I can imagine how many of those kids are already struggling with issues around sexuality. I been gay for as long as I can remember. Well hopefully more people will vote no. It will be sad so many gay people are about more than sex and this is really sad to see


To be fair children were first drawn into this issue by proponents of gay marriage. (See the link below.)

I for one can't get upset about opponents of gay marriage responding in kind. Furthermore the touchstone issue in this fight is what type of society we wish to be. One the one hand gays argue that we are being discriminated against and denied basic human rights that heterosexuals take for granted and thus society as it stands is unjust. On the other hand opponents of gay marriage make the slippery slope argument and ask where does it end? If society has no basis to restrict marriage to two members of the opposite sex, then why would society have a basis to restrict any other type of marriage?



These same fools were given airtime on ABC-7 in LA yesterday. I hope this doesn't go under defeat. I've already voted.



Taylor Siluwé

Anon -- You're comparing apples and steak.

I don't think you can compare attending the gay wedding of their teacher to a sign-carrying, flag-waving rally to restrict the rights of a portion of the population. {a notion the children barely understand}.

The wedding was a good thing; teaching them that diversity exists and should be celebrated. They'll grow up to be better people for the experience.

The rally only teaches them how to discriminate blindly without fully understanding what they're doing, to be followers, like little Hitler youth and those tiny Klan members at the lynchings.

They'll grow up to be the blind faithful to something, but I'm sure it won't be to anything good.


What other type of marriage would there be? If two people love each other and want to get married they should be allowed. Breeders and Gay


If black women want to continue to have to contend with, "the DL" keep doing what you are doing. If the black community wants to continue to deal with black men with low self esteem, alcoholism, and drug abuse, keep doing what you are doing. If black are to ever get ahead, we have to to start looking after are own interest and not continue to advance the agenda of the christian conservatives, homophobes, and the privileged few. NO ON PROP!



Taylor Siluwé

Well said freeleo!


Well, some of the good black pastors of San Francisco are not doing the same thing, this past Sunday there was a marriage equality rally at the held at Jones Memorial Methodist Church , and, the best part was what Rev Amos Brown of the Third Avenue Baptist Church said, "We have become that which we hated."

Too bad the fake pastors, arch bishops and cardinals of the other black churches haven't heard this.


It all depends on your point of view.

You see the children attending the wedding as a good thing teaching diversity.

Others see it as appalling proof of the gay agenda to indoctrinate the youth.

I saw it as an incredible strategic blunder at this moment in time and expected to be deluged by save the children pleas.

Some of the other forms of marriage being bandied about gay marriage opponents include polygamy, adult-child marriage, and, I kid you not, inter species marriage.



True, that last comment should read "being bandied about by gay marriage opponents"


we are talking about two consenting adults, and polygamy already exist in this country and around the world. children have no rights nor do animals. this has nothing to do with the point. if you pay taxes the laws should be equal.


Well I say. Being a gay athiest I see no point in joining hetro couples in what amounts to nothing else but a ceremony for all to see. But if they (the gay community) insist upon the "right" to have it then I say let them have it.


I agree with your point brucito. I have no desire to get married. This is about civil right.

Rod Mc

GURLENE Please do not use profanity. Those words trigger internet filters at workplaces and wifi cafes.

ANON Can you make a screen name? There are several 'Anons' here and its difficult to keep track.

FREELEO, TRUE, TAYLOR Great comments. Thanks for the discussion.

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