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02 October 2008



>>>There is a lot of hypocrisy in the criticism from the people who just don’t know what it’s like to put yourself out there.

Oh yeah, it's so scary to be a television actor. What was he putting out there? He wasn't out during the show.


Nice interview. n


This is a beautiful profile of an outstanding actor!

Darryl is absolutely right. You have to walk a mile in his shoes first then you can say what he should do.


Eddy how is Darryl Stephens an 'actor' if he essentially plays himself?

But he is right, he put himself out there. Then he can handle the questions. Why didn't he come out during the show?


I love darryl and everything he does! you do YOU darryl! you have to be you!@

Derrick from Philly


Why do say that Darryl was "playing himself"? In what? Did you see him in "Boy Culture" or in the screen tests for "Noah's Arc". He tested for the part of Wade. He was very good and butch. For the part of Noah-- Darryl portrayed him with a strong feminine flair. Obviously, that's how he and Patrick Ian Polk envisioned the character: a fem gay male.

I think Darry is a fine screen actor. He'll get better.


Okay Derrick, you make some good points. Darryl is a decent actor but the show had many potholes. That being said, if the strongest appeal of the show and movie is to "support the community", it begs the question, why didnt Darryl, Rodney, Christian etc come out during the show?

Its hard to tell other people to come out and you wont come out yourself. But if you're worried aout "limited roles" okay ...


Meh. Not really interested in this "film." I'll catch it on DVD the week after its in theaters.

Noah Fan 4 Lyfe

Darryl Stephens is courageous! This movie will be incredible and groundbreaking in sooo many ways.


::yawn:: i'll go and see the movie but...::yawn::


LOLMAO @ freeleo!

Being a black actor is limit. When you want to make the big bucks like Will Smith you get an arrange marriage or constantly act-like your dating females like Justin Timberlake. I don't blame him for not coming out because he wants to make the most of his career and money-wise. Consumers do not take gay actors acting str8 seriously.

I never cared for "Noah's Arc" because it was so girly-woman which supported the stereotype. And they wonder why gays can't get str8 roles, ain't that sum shhh! I've seen many episodes of the show... watched the marathon on Logo... so don't think I just looked at one show.

As far as seeing a "very butch" guy (Atwood) with such a fem-broken wrist character (Noah) doesn't seem believable. As it was written on paper as fiction it was definitely a fantasy to me.


I don't blame Darryl for coming out on his own terms. But I do appreciate his being honest about the lack of roles and opportunities.

However, that brings up the point Rod has raised several times. Does it send the wrong message to celebrate flamboyancy and sexuality when the actors refuse to come out? Yes it does.

If he is afraid to come out it's hardly inspiring to others.


You had better preach Anti Believer!

The reason some people loved this show so much, at least the femme queens loved it, was because it was the antidote to the DL. The boys were girls and queeny and all had hot butch BFs. This rarely happens in real life. If anything Wade and Trey would more likely to be BFs.

This movie is more of the Prince Charming fantasy for those femme queens in Alabama.


Carlos, many of us came out in the 80s or 90s. Or in the 70s. We don't need a television character as inspiration.

I admire Darryl's choices. Best of luck to him and the movie.


this is such a 'cute' interview. I mean, darryl is such a "star"...

seriously, decent interview. but, darryl isn't a decent actor and he hasn't bother to parlay his "starring" role as Noah on "hit" tv show Noah's Arc into anything substantial...a bit part in anthony mackie's latest project?

a part as "Waiter Number 2" on Ugly betty? really? that's nothing...

he should have negotiated a recurring role on Grey's Anatomy or ABC Family's Greek, etc.

basically, darryl got caught up and believed this show was going places..it didnt, and neither is his career.

and anti-believer is right: the show reinforced stereotypes of black gay men and didnt do much to challenge them....


Darryl did what he had to do. It is tough being an actor especially if you are black.

Derrick from Philly

"...and they wonder why gays can't get str8 roles..."

I'm not quite sure I understand that statement, Anti-believer. Homosexuals (some of whom were self-indentified as "gay") have been playing straight roles since the beginning of theater.

When you first saw Paul Winfield play the father in "Sounder"--did you know he was gay?

"As far as seeing a "very butch" guy (Atwood) with such a fem-broken wrist character (Noah) doesn't seem believable"

No, I haven't seen too many couples who fit the "Noah/Wade" mold--NOT LONG TERM COUPLES. But I've seen and experienced many short term (or one night stand) butch/fem relationships.

And guess what? I believe all that super macho "down low" stuff you see in black gay "thug" pornography is a crock of you know what also. But it appears to be the most popular sexual fantasy among black homo/sgl/gay men.

It's all right. We all have our fantasies, Anti-believer. What we get in real life may not satisfy many of us.

Derrick from Philly

"...some of WHO were self-identified as gay."

See, that's what I get for trying to act dicty.

Ummm ...

I like the guy, and he makes a lot of valid points.

The show was good for what it was good for. It was just television - what TV show REALLY depicts everybody's idea of reality? Not many white women buy $800 shoes on the regular (Sex and the City) and not every black person comes from a long line of college-educated professionals (Cosby), and not every black family is struggling in the hood (Good Times) but its entertainment and there are many people who can relate to them. It just depends on who is watching. TV shows can't be all things to all people folks.

Personally, I'd rather see Noah's Arc than the DL, self-hating homos hiding in the dark that mainstream shows and films depict all the time. (One of those cops shows devoted an entire episode to the DL phenomenon ...) I think the idea of happy, well-adjusted gay people is frightening to a lot of black gay men, and I think it is sad. If it's unrealistic for these so-called femmes to be with "masculine" men, then it's even more unrealistic for these "masculine" black gay men to be portrayed as out and proud. I can count the ones I know on one hand.

The posts I see on boards like this highlight how limited our thinking is a community and how little we really think of ourselves. It disturbs me ...

Noah Fan 4 Lyfe

Ugh. Miss Shade tea.

Do u have anything positive to say about this movie?

And when will Rod post the reviews? Noah's Arc: Jumping the Broom is wowing the critics. This is Mr. Patrik Ian Polk's best work!!


Let me just say I have met Darryl a few times. I can say that he is more like the character in Noah's arc than in Boy Culture. Boy had so much foundation on one time I met him it was distracting...


"The boys were girls and queeny and all had hot butch BFs. This rarely happens in real life."

I guess it's an age thing, or maybe a military thing, but back in my day, the 80's, all queeny guys all had butch BFs or only hooked up with butch trade. Many sailors and marines loved them pretty fem boys, and sometimes were a little too aggressive in pursuing them.


To:Derrick from Philly

you said, "Homosexuals (some of whom were self-indentified as "gay") have been playing straight roles since the beginning of theater."

we're talking about television and films not theater. He or anyone can be as "queenie" as they want to be on and off broadway cause it's the norm but a gay person can't be out from "day one" to play a str8 character cause studios, casting, directors, etc. looking for the one will bring in the most money.

Wake up Derrick, consumers bring ratings and cash not compassion.

Darryl isn't doing theater. He's doing television, cable & film. That's not the same as theater cause commercials, consumer ratings and investors pay for tv, cable & films.

We're talking money here... not box office local theater which productions can run from weeks to years at the same place.


Umm: A television series about "happy and well adjusted black gay men" and only one actor has the honesty to be out? I don't think so. I will take your advice and look at the show and movie for pure entertainment value. They surely can't expect to be taken seriously with that record.

Shade Tea is 100 percent right. What roles did Darryl go for? He only takes parts in gay film and television.

I haven't seen any if the actors take off. Poor Jensen Atwood has gone from Halle Berry to Dante's Cove.


Sorry Derrick but the str8ish muscle boys usually like each other. I think you and Anon have a point tho about how it used to be. But times are changing.

At least Noah and Wade had chemistry even though their "romance" is far fetched. Alex and Tret had ZERO chemistry. They didn't even kiss. Oh but I am so sure Jensen Atwood and Gregory Keith would be hot for each other in real life.

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