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20 October 2008



LOL @ "Coin operated" trade

Rod, you were wrong for that


Do I believe Will and Jada are bisexual swingers? Absolutely

Do I believe Will hires rentboys? Not so much

Jay in Jersey

So much for guaranteeing discretion. Will should demand a refund.

Jay in Jersey

So much for guaranteeing discretion. Will should demand a refund.


Not true. Not a shred of evidence.


NN, of course there is no evidence. Of course that is why Rod said it was rumor and gossip. But where there is smoke there is fire and there is a helluva lit of smoke around these two.

There is also no evidence Will Smith is straight.

Craig C

It is an open secret that Will Smith and Jade are bisexual swingers. Will probably does have a few rentboys but I doubt he goes to this madam they probably are exclusives.


this is some bull. will smith is too damn fine to be gay and he is with jada. they have kids jealous gays back off!!


please show me proff black people everyone in Hollywood is not gay. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are so not gay.



Here we go again, the sistah girl brigade here to defend the honor of Will Smith and his so called wide. BRIDGET, pumpkin, get into this knowledge girl, Will and Jada go both ways.

And why do they always come here so quickly? They must have this blog on RSS. Not very straight of you, darlin'.,


I am sure Will Smith is very straight. He is just as straight as RODNEY CHESTER.


LMAO. You were wrong for that one, lol. But how you doin' Will?


NN and Bridget, being married and/or having children doesn't make you straight. Ask Jonathan Plummer and Terry McMillan. Ask New Jersey's ex governor. Or ask me, I have two children and was married for ten years.


Denial is more than a river. Will is bi, girls. Sorry but we have known for years. And supposedly a big bottom too and likes 'em rough trade. How do you like them apples?


Christ, Are we still doing the "Gay Will Smith" thing? It's the usual suspects all over again with the children, I swear. Can we, for once, discuss the possibility of "Gay Ice Cube"? Ooh, what a concept!

Ten in My Timz

We already knew Will Smith likes ding dong. I am not surprised he would pay for "discretion" but this is not "discretion."


Nah, no one is interested in hearing about Ice Cube. He is a has been and outta shape. Sorry.


Rod enough is enough. Sorry but not all black gay men like to gossip and spread rumors on sexy black male celebs. First you was claiming Donnie McClurkin is still gay....know you are claim again that Will Smith has some sugar in his tank. Grow up black people.


NN, you sound like a fool in every thread where you appear. If you are interested in such serious discussion, why do you never comment on gay rights or marriage? You only argue about church queens and Noah's Arc.

Girl, please. Oh and Will Smith and his mannish wife are bisexuals.

Thomas M

I bet when Jada pulls her weave out and straps on that 10 incher she is just as toned, boyish and hung as Will likes 'em. Aint that right, Jada?

Bryan Watkins

Chile, please. Both of them are using strap ons. I think Will needs a lot more flat chest and hard abs to get it up.

I bet their porno collecton features Bam and all the bigd!ck boys.


"Nah, no one is interested in hearing about Ice Cube. He is a has been and outta shape. Sorry."

Nate, you actually did me a tremendous favor by responding that way, because I've noted once before on this very site that the reason we are interested in the possibility that folks like Will Smith are gay is because they are "fine"--

But guess what? Pretty muscle boys aren't everyone's cup of tea and they certainly shouldn't always be subjected to this level of scrutiny. It's fun to gossip and things, but it gets to a point where these discussions are more aspirational than they have to be. There are perhaps several gay celebs that slip through the cracks because they aren't everyone's fantasy, and when we constantly pull out the same names over and over again, it speaks less to their own proclivities and more to our own tendancy to seek validation in public figures that "everyone's dream".

I bet if Will was a "has-been and outta shape" no one would think twice about his orientation or even care.


Nova, I'll take you up on that. Let's talk about the possibility of a gay Ice Cube or gay Timbaland.

I'd love to have that discussion but the gay hip hop blogs (HINT) never talk about that. They almost never even talk about the usual suspects such as Alicia Keys, Missy Elliott or Queen Latifah. Or they talk about Busta Rhymes (HINT) and never mention the many times he has slammed gays and used homophobic slurs. So if you want to have that discussion, where do you suggest we go?


At least Nate is being honest. Gossip is gossip, and people want to talk about what they like to see. But what about Dr. Dre? He has never escaped these rumors for most of his career. He started off very thick before he started working out. Personally I liked the thick Dr Dre better but there are gay men like him everywhere.

Marvell T

I get where NOVA is coming from. Gay men tend to speculate rampant about 'cute' actors and singers. Whoever isn't cute or pretty is not gossiped about. Hence we pretend only good loking or well built men are gay. Tht is not true at all.

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