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17 October 2008


Bryan Watkins

Donnie McClurkin is despicable.


This is disgusting on so many levels. As the United States is gradually growing somewhat more tolerant, Africa and the islands become more hostile to gays. Then comes this closeted queen who claims you can pray the gay away. There are so many people who will beleive this bull.

Darren W

What a joke. If Donnie McClurkin is deleivered from homosexuality, why does he have an entourage of church queens.


I think he preaches that tripe because he's trying to convince himself more than he's trying to convince the world.

"If I say it enough times, it will be true..."


Girlllllll, please. I want Donnie McClurkin to tell me this to my face. Then I want to ask him why isn't he married or have a girlfriend.


Rod, do you have any evidence to prove Donnie McClurkin is still gay? That sounds like what you are hinting. And Darren and , you need to STFU and stop bashing a good black Christian man.

Derrick from Philly

All right, now this choir queen is becoming a danger to the most vulnerable gay folks in the Western Hemisphere. More gay people could loose their lives in the Caribbean because of the crap coming out of that queen's mouth. If he doesn't want to be gay, then, fine. But he just can't see how narrow-minded and callous his view is. If his Lord and Savior didn't feel the need to preach against gay people (or whatever we were called 2000 years ago), why must he?

"... My lust for man and lust for God was pulling me one way and tearing me apart..."

Bull! It was those big dingdongs that were tearing you apart, Great Church Queen...probably still are.

Avery H

That is a joke, right NN???

Steven R

Preach on Brother Derrick!


Derrick and Rod makes are speaking truth. Barbados, Jamaica and Grenada have very intolerant governments and cultures. This is exactly the type of talk that promotes more oppression and hatred against gays and lesbians. A Grammy Award winning gospel singer and so-called survivor gives cache to their homophobia.
I wish Donnie McClurkin would just look at the man in the mirror and be honest with himself.


NN is very typical. These so-called Christians are the first to cuss or swear.


I am always intrigued by how Christians and church folk welcome Donnie McClurkin with open arms. His story is so obviously contrived it would seem that they are very ready and willing to believe anything too prove them right. Homosexuality is not a choice and not all gay men were abused. There is no scientific evidence to prove this. What about women who are abused, do they become lesbians.

Ebony Baby

Shameful. Even more shameful are the many church queens who surround Donnie and protect him.


Alex, you can go to hell. But you already knew this.


First of all, Donnie as already admit he was gay. He's just using God, religion, paycheck from church, fear & continuous publicity of a "fake" deliverance to survie in this world.

Us gays know that you're born this way.

Donnie is too scared to be himself because he is worried about what others think. He's a confused adult who isn't ready for a wife unless a dyck is connected to it.

He's just another fool who goes by the silly saying of "fight the flesh, no the spirit". Hum... hello getting a hard-on is natural. It's called hormones. Your body produce this naturally. Stop denying what science has proven. Religion has no science in it.

Lastly, Donnie is using people to make his living and what comes around, goes around.


as = has


Donnie McClurkin and his ilk are no better than pimps. They are profiting off of misery and heartache and peddling false hopes to those most at risk. Being gay means being born gay and it is most definitely NOT like choosing to break the law and sell drugs or shoot rival gang members.

Pathetic bitter queen.

William Crowe

This is some bullcrap. We all know Donnie mcclurkin is as gay as a goose. Have you ever seen him in concert. All those church queens around him its like being at a club.


This is just the worse place to go with that ex-gay hype. The island people are very religious and will soak all of that in.


William, no WE do not KNOW this. Watch your words and stop making accusations.


With Donnie's continued hate speech against sgl people, he now has the blood of all those black gay boys who will be taunted, beaten, and murdered on his hands. Their only "sin" is that they love someone of the same sex. There is no christian compassion in his words. Just his own self loathing and fears.

Lang B

He looks so sad, lost and in true conlfict all the time.
Stop the madness!

He is still preaching to the illiterate "CHUCH" folk who are vulnerable and feed off of anything a "so called" Christian spews at them.

The thing that angers me the most is that most black churches are in my eyes 70% women and this idiot cannot find ONE beautiful Christian woman to marry??? There are tons of FINE & RESPECTFUL well dressed women in the church yet HE wants to marry but has not and he has everything- money, fame, house, etc.


SHUT UP ALREADY- he is not an example to follow AT ALL.


www.donniemcclurkin.com has a forum available for us to place our views.

Derrick from Philly


I don't think I or most gay/sgl folks have a problem with Donnie McClurkin claiming that he's no longer a homosexual. Many of us don't believe it, but we don't have a problem with his trying to convince the world of his conversion. What we do have a problem with is his insistence on lying about the causes of homosexuality, and his absolute disregard for the pain he causes many young gay people in black communities all over this country-- AND NOW, THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE.

I'm sorry that he experienced sexual abuse as a boy, but many boys who are sexually assaulted DON'T become homosexual. Also, many gay men have NEVER been sexually assaulted as boys.

If he only met manipulative & sinnister gay people throughout his adult life, then it is because that is what he became himself--his negative & self-hating aura attracted the most negative homosexuals like himself.

As other posters have said, he is despicable.


He's coo coo for cocoa puffs! Sadly, very dangerous too.
Is it possible that he doesn't realize how he's putting people in harms way? Especially in the Caribbean.

NN- you nutty as a fruitcake too.

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