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22 October 2008


Bryan Watkins

UGH. A disaster. But I am sure joe the plumber will ignore.


They weren't feeling her own wardrobe selections from the Wasilla Walmart.

Joey Bahamas

Ain't that a mess. So much for being a Wal-Mart mom.


P.S. Marie Antoinette actually never said "let them eat cake." It was a propaganda made up by anti-aristocracy revolutionaries. Very effective propaganda considering it's still used today.

Derrick from Philly

Oh, let them dress her up--she's still a joke. She was a joke 8 weeks ago, and she's still a joke today.

Probably wears more expensive lipstick too, but if you put more expensive lipstick on a...well, a moose it's still a moose, right?


Joey maybe he is related to Joe six pack lol. This is insane the only reason he chose her was to get women voters. Sexy Sarah is dumber than a bag of sand


Thanks for the, umm, history lesson, Joey. But I think one can take some poetic license in illustrating the point.

IMHO the RNC's shoppng spree at Saks at Neeedless Markup is hardly 'propaganda.'

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