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20 October 2008


Bryan Watkins

Rod, you know I used to be one of those who didn't like any story that wasn't related to the United States. But now I see where you are coming from. It seems the loudest voices against homophobia in English soccer games are the black players. We can learn from that.

Henry TW

Henry from London here.

The football coverage is spot-on. Today Paul Elliott is on the BBC discussing his anti-homophobia programme. I am proud of my black mates for standing first.

Thomas M

I am surprised Rod missed the obvious question. WHO ARE THE 12 GAY FOOTBALLERS?

Cristiano Ronaldo, definitely. He is so gay it hurts.


Christiano Ronaldo is too pretty and too well groomed and too concerned with Gucci and Dolce Gabana. He is first comes to mind.


Joseph, stereotyping much?


Christiano is FINE!

Derrick from Philly

But what about Reggie Bush and Brian Westbrook. Oooops...wrong kind of football, hunh? Well, I'll probably never get near one of those fine foreign football boys. So, I'll just have to do my best to get Reggie away from that triflin' Kardashian gal.

Rod, your Giants are at 5 and 1, and I'm evil!


good post, rod. paul elliott was one of the stronger footballers of recent memory and i applaud him for his efforts.

and, why should he name them? why? to experience the kind of taunting and harassment STRAIGHT football players get? and you all wonder why they don't come out? have you SEEN a football game on tv in england? then you would know how rabid, vile, and hate mongering those fans can be. not all are like that, but many are...


To make an excitable fueled comment in the dark without any support of evidence is much like the McCarthy era tactics.

I am sure that if you look at the number of players in the league and apply the rule of 10% there may be 12 players that are gay. However, to assert that you know of players that are gay is to betray their confidence and their lives.

These blanket comments do nothing more in my opinion than to add ridiculous and childish speculation on players and their lives.

I am sure that Mr. Elliot can promote his program without resorting to tactics that are "tabloid" oriented.

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