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20 October 2008



Lol, black men are so stupid sometimes. You are dipped in pink if you are rolling your hips on the Net like that. Ugh, lol.-QH



Jay in Jersey City

I am totally in love with Marcelius. Good lawfmd that boy is sexy.


I think it's stupid for these boys to strip and then pretend they obly want women to watch. I like it all tho.


have you noticed it's always the thugged out ones who do stuff like this? very homoerotic sorry don working the utility pole in your basement like you are a scrippa is gay

Danny Rivera

That one. Marcelius. Please please let me slip some dollar bills in your sweats. And something else too!

Craig C

Marcelius sho has a sexy body and a pretty pretty zzz.

That hip rollin ain't no joke.

I am sure we are his target audience. Show us some more baby boy.


That Michigan State boy with the glasses is wearing no underwear and has a whole collection of hip rollin videos.

He could have several girlfriends on campus and MySpace. That sounds like advertising for a boyfriend.


Marcelius is off da chain.

Jose Martine

Marcelius, if you ever need a bodyguard ...


With all that body, abs, hip rollin and booty Hell Yea that boy probably has several body guards!

I ain't mad either! Roll them hips baby ! LOL


Marcelus is a sexy lil something.

I just can't get over that video.


Hip Rollin' on Youtube - Why not?
Hip Rollin' on Rod 2.0. - WHY?
Marcelius sexy? Yes! Until he opens his mouth - illusion ruined!


god bless silly "straight" boys.


Oh Corey please.

Why not hip rollin on Rod 2.0? It's nice to get a mix of news, politics, Hollywood and hot boys. Unless you're going to get all righteous and sanctified about what should be on this blog. You should start your own, mmkay.

Allen H

Tom you ain't never lied. YouTube is full of silly "straight boys doing the darndest things. I LOVE IT!


Very nice YouTubes and set up. Thanks Rod.


sexy but why use the n word...I put him on mute


Good grief. Who are these pearL clutchers?

These boys are hot, sexy and young and showing it off. Why are you even listening to the audio? I swear, some of you must never get the real thing, now you projecting fantasies onto college kids on the YouTube.


Umm, I always put boys who are talking off their clothes on mute.


What would You Tube be without these so called "Straight" boys showing their chest and abs and stripping?? It is really a wonderful invention, they act out their homoerotic fantasies from a distance.


Will there ever be a day when these boys can just accept and be themselves? I mean, seriously. No truly straight man records himself doing that and broadcasts. They just don't.


Oh I think all these boys have acted out their homoerotic fantasies up close and very personal.

God bless you Marcelius. You are truly blessed.

Thomas M

Remember those notes we used to pass in grade school?

Dear Marcelius, Will you "go with me"? Yes or No?

Marvell T

So gay

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